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Independents also finally have our own non-profit membership organization. Regardless of your party affiliation or lack thereof, please join the League of Independent Voters of Texas.

Do you vote halfheartedly, or not at all, because you don’t want to encourage them?

Then you must be an Independent Texan!

Seriously folks, we at Independent Texans, believe the most urgent problem of our generation is the drop in voter participation, the rise in political corruption in both parties, and the erosion of American democracy itself.

42% of Americans are self-identified independent voters. That’s about 5 million Texans! But we remain unorganized as a political force with which to be reckoned.

Join the independent movement across the Lone Star State to clean up, open up and take back Texas– of, by and for ALL the people of Texas!

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Bastop Needs to Get this Election Right

As we see it, this election is about how the city of Bastrop is going to handle growth from the folks fleeing Austin’s affordability crisis. We don’t have to repeat Austin’s mistakes. Bastrop — the city and county — are also far more vulnerable to an affordability crisis, which is why it’s so important that […]


Water Wars Escalate – come on out!

This video is of yours truly speaking to the Texas Water Development Board last week urging them not to use state water funds (SWIFT) to abuse — and drain — their fellow Texans. The good news is that today Vista Ridge (the San Antone Hose) continues to teeter on collapse. But don’t y’all rest easy […]


Liberty County Independents Forming

The letter below is from our longtime dear friend, Arlan Foster, of Liberty County. You remember Arlan — he helped us fight Trans-Texas Corridor, ran for Texas House in 2008 and is a leader in corrections reform. Arlan’s lovely wife, Carolyn, passed on last year and is missed by Arlan and all. Dear Friends: I […]


April 25 — Our first Candidate Forum in the City of Bastrop

We invite your attendance at our first candidate forum held in the City of Bastrop. However, if you cannot be present (especially to ask your questions), you can watch online at BTXN.TV. Whether you are a city resident or not, if you live in Bastrop County, what the city of Bastrop decides impacts on all […]


ABC — A Better Council in Bastrop

A group of interested & engaged citizens have joined to form an informal group in Bastrop. What the city of Bastrop decides affects many of us who live just in the County, so Bastrop countians, please come on out to this on Wednesday. ABC – A Better Council We have invited Bastrop City Council Candidate […]


Stop Vista Ridge!

Texas Water Wars Conference