Texas Water Board What Happened?

What the TWDB did was build a record for water vendors to use when they sue the Lost Pines Groundwater District, while they try other ways to get our water. Read the rest of this entry »

Aquifer Protection Alert-Action Request!

Many of you followed the planned raid by private water vendors on Bastrop and Lee Counties' aquifer (groundwater).  This issue will be getting more and more statewide attention (see article below my signature).  

We took this issue out with Pati Jacobs' campaign because it could set a terrible precedent for the rest of the state.  Her opponent, State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt heard us, but this Thursday's meeting of the Texas Water Development Board (all Perry appointees) will tell us just how much.
A letter from Steve Box of Environmental Stewardship to the Texas Water Development Board explains why, if TWDB does its duty by state law,  the project should be officially scrapped.  Please read this very strong and clear statement here and take the following actions:
1.  Attend the TWDB hearing this Thursday in Austin, starting at 9 a.m.  Pati Jacobs, Steve Box, and we suspect Aqua Water officials, will be testifying.  You are welcome to do the same or just be there in support.  (If you need a ride, please reply and we'll try to help). Details on the meeting below.
2.  Sign this petition at Environmental Stewardship — to be presented at Thursday's meeting.  Ask your neighbors to sign too!
3.  Call your State Representative and State Senator:  Go here to find them – just plug in your address.  
There will be more coming on this, so hold on to your hats.  Meanwhile, Happy Holidays y'all!
Independent Texans
Thursday, December 16th, Hearing Details:
Stephen F. Austin Building, 1700 N. Congress, Rm. 170 (bring quarters for meters), starts at 9 a.m..
Here's Thursday's agenda, our items are #29 & 34, but those items (based on our observance of past meeting) could be addressed anytime from about 9 a.m. to noon or 1 pm.
Read this article by Gail Reaves, Ft. Worth Weekly on how "Water Politics in Texas is about to get a lot more painful":  November 10, 2010
Mark Your Calendars!
Our first meeting of the new year – Saturday, January, 15, at the Bastrop Library, 2 to 4 pm.  

Texas Water Development Board-Do Your Duty!


James E. Herring, Chairman Jack Hunt, Vice Chairman, Lewis H. McMahan, Member  Thomas Weir Labatt III, Member, Edward G. Vaughan, Member Joe M. Crutcher, Member Carolyn Brittin, Deputy Executive Administrator Robert Mace, Deputy Executive Administrator

Texas Water Development Board
P.O. Box 13231 
Austin, Texas 78711-3231
Re:  Objections to the Region L Water Plan (Agenda Item 29) and Water Infrastructure Funding (Agenda Item 34) containing Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority Simsboro Project
Dear Board Members and Deputy Executive Administrators:
Environmental Stewardship represents the interests of concerned citizens and the water resources of the Lost Pines Region primarily located in Bastrop and Lee counties of Texas.  We are specifically concerned that the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) Simsboro Project threatens the economic, ecological and social well being of our region.  We are especially concerned that the process of “taking” water from our region to be exported to another region has been done without the consent of our local regional water planning group and groundwater conservation district.  For the reasons given below, we are requesting that the Board reject the 2011 Region L Water Plan and funding of the GBRA Simsboro Project.  As a solution, we request that the conflict be resolved by removing the GBRA Simsboro Project from the Region L Water Plan as a “recommended” strategy.  

Pati Leads But Loses, the People Win…The Local Story

            The great news about Pati Jacobs is that though she lost this election for State Representative House District 17, her candidacy played a critical role in putting a really bad water deal for Bastrop and Lee counties on the back-burner and thoroughly embarrassing her opponent, Reppublican Tim Kleinschmidt.  Whether the “Trans-Texas Water Highway”[1] in Bastrop and Lee counties can be officially killed is now up to the people of this district who Pati has awakened and brought together, and we trust Pati will continue to lead.  Pati is an independent voice in the Democratic Party who reached out across and beyond the aisle.

            In a brief interview following the election, Pati put it like this, “The difference between surface water (streams, rivers and lakes) and groundwater (aquifers) in Texas is a convenient fiction. We understand the urban areas need water.  Rural interests need just as much protection to ensure the viability of sustainable agriculture.” 

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Before you give thanks-Make a phone call to protect local farms!

This just in from Judith McGeary and the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance.  Before you give thanks for the food on your table, give your US Senators Hutchison & Cornyn a call at 202-224-3121 or go to

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Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

Sign it, if you live in Austin

Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

Dear Mayor Adler and Austin City Council Members:


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Make Growth Pay for Itself

No Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose