The Governor Who Stole Christmas

You know that for years our slogan for Independent Texans has been, “it’s redundant”. Maybe our time has come.

We need your help to make a decision by Monday. We’re going to talk about this on our Saturday conference call at 9 am. Please call us for instructions at 512-535-0989.

We are considering the need for an independent to jump in to the special election hastily called by the Governor on January 6th in House District 17 (Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales and Karnes counties) to replace Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt who has served my home district with great dishonor.

I let ‘er rip in this article entitled, “All I want for Christmas is an independent in the House.”

It looks like this is going to be a crowded race with several Democrats and Republicans. We would be running to make history, putting an independent in the House.

We would be running to win.

But we’re not doing this without you.

Are you in? If you are, please tell us you are and if you will help us with your time, your money and your endorsement for a candidate. Call us at 512-535-0989 or send us an email:

This questionnaire forms the basis of why we think an independent will possibly be needed to step into this race — it’s revealing. It’s been sent to the candidates running so far in this election. Their answers are due on Monday.

Merry Christmas to you all from me, Penny and Mr. Boo!


All I want for Christmas is an independent in the House

House District 17 Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt (Republican, Lexington) won re-election on November 4th, only to announce 17 days later his intent to resign and become general counsel for the Texas Department of Agriculture. The election was just called with a filing period to close on December 22, three days before Christmas. Read the rest of this entry »

San Antonians, steal back your City today!

San Antonio Friends:IMG_0653

Many people are unaware that there is ONE City Council seat up for grabs tomorrow. That is District 2, currently held by Keith Toney. Toney was just appointed tothis seat, after Ivy Taylor was appointed to step into the Mayor’s seat, following Castro’s appointment by President Obama to head HUD.

Independent Texans, has been on the phones to City Council District 2 voters asking folks to consider voting for Alan Warrick, rather than Keith Toney who voted for the $3.4B Vista Ridge water grab last week. All 11 members of the Council rushed through this project — telling all San Antonio Water System ratepayers to take a hike!

If you know folks who live in these District 2 neighborhoods (see list below), please contact them and ask them to vote for Warrick. We spoke with Alan and he readily understands the problems of Vista Ridge, especially that it was such a rushed deal. He is also concerned about gentrification of District 2 and someone we can work with over the coming months and beyond. Remember, we now have 30 months, by virtue of a provision in the Vista Ridge contract, to get SAWS to walk away.

Polls are open 7 to 7 pm. Here’s where folks can find their poll site:

Or they can call this number to find out their poll site:  210-335-8683

Pass it on and Remember Vista Ridge!


Jefferson Heights
Denver Heights
Highland Park
Highland Hills
Pecan Valley
Dellcrest Area
Wheatley Heights

Dignowity Hill
Harvard Place – Eastlawn
Jefferson Heights
Nevada Street
Arena District
Denver Heights
Highland Park
Sunny Slope
Highland Hills
Pecan Valley
Lower Southeast Side
Dellcrest Area
Wheatley Heights
Artesia Community Guild

We love toll roads, don’t you?!

Tell Austin Officials “No Thank You” on $752 million in new toll roads

This coming Monday night, May 12, Austin’s transportation officials are set to vote on $752 million to build three (3) new toll roads over the next four years.  That’s a whopping 77% of all the spending projected for the Austin metro area’s 2015 to 2018 road and other “non-transit” projects.

You can tell them “No Thank You!” by emailing or Read the rest of this entry »


The Big News! Citizens and Candidates Defy the Lobbies!

Many of you have been asking us, “What can I do to help.” Read this update, then please vote for these candidates, depending on where you live. Then get on the phone or on the computer and get your friends out! These are tight races where your vote will count extra!

Early voting ends this Friday, Feb. 28. Election Day is Tuesday, March 4th.

Debra has always been there, standing with the grassroots to protect our land, our water and… our rights!

DEBRA MEDINA stands to come in first in a crowded race for Texas Comptroller!
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