Boot Em’ Out, those Not Good Ol’ Boys of Bastrop!

Is it not time for the voters of the city of Bastrop to dust off Give the 'good ol boys' the boot! their boots and give the 'good ol' boys' who've been cashing in on us -- the boot?! Three seats are up -- Mayor and City Council Places 3 and 4. Voters can vote in all three. Read the rest of this entry »

Unchain our hearts, two parties!

Thanks to all you outsiders who showed up last night to hear the Bastrop Outsiders -- a collection of wonderful musicians from our region -- and for Progressive Revolution of Bastrop County's co-sponsorship of this event. Read the rest of this entry »

Bastrop Outsiders Unite!


Can You Identify This Man?

Who is this Unmasked Man?

This man was seen exiting Bastrop City Hall on February 15th approximately 7:30 pm following the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District meeting.

This man is the new CEO of End Op, L.P. one of the three “mega-permit” holders on Simsboro water supply, to the tune of a 46,000 acre-feet permit, approved by Lost Pines GCD last year. Landowners are still in court trying to gain the right to challenge this permit.

Here are some leads as to who this man is.

Lead #1: He calls himself a political independent and his initials are WW.

Lead #2: When he ran for Austin City Council in 1999, he claimed to be an architect. Today, he’s still just has that bachelor’s degree.

Lead #3: He gave the keys of the City of Austin to Lance Armstrong, another dope.

Lead #4: 36,000 Austin voters signed a petition to recall this Mayor of Austin’s support for “double-tax” toll roads – tolls on roads already paid for and an unaccountable toll agency that charges 1000% late fees.

Lead #5: He became well known for losing his temper, verbally abusing his opponents and even getting physical with them. Hence, the Mayor was sent to anger management classes.

Lead #6: He took the slogan – “Keep Austin Weird”, slapped a corporate city of Austin logo on it effectively changing it to “Keep Austin Conventional”.

Lead #7: He talked a good game on environmentalism but was really just a downtown developer working “density” deals from the dais.

Lead #8: End Op’s new flim-flam man make Frankie “baby” Limmer and Joe Beal look like naughty school boys.

PS End Op has changed its name to “Recharge”. Could that be because the Simsboro Aquifer, in the bullseye of Recharge’s targeted water grab, doesn’t actually recharge, at least not in human terms? It takes hundreds, if not thousands, of years to recharge and even Will Wynn won’t be around that long.


Breaking…Are UT Dell Med School & Watson Misspending?

For Immediate Release                                                                            February 8, 2017

Are UT Dell Medical School and Sen. Kirk Watson
Misspending Central Healthcare Hospital District Funds?

Austin, 2:30 pm: UT Dell Medical School appears to be misspending taxpayer dollars committed to the Central Healthcare Hospital District. If they are, this raises serious questions about potential violations of law and the public trust, so says longtime reform attorney, Fred Lewis and former State Senator Gonzalo Barrientos (D-Austin). Linda Curtis of Independent Texans is raising questions about her own State Senator, Kirk Watson’s law firm having benefited from it.

From UT’s own financial records, the reports shows 84% of all UT Dell Medical School compensation is paid for with Central Health funds and the vast majority of these expenditures are going to personnel who do not provide any health care of any kind.

Linda Curtis of Independent Texans PAC said, “Everyone knows that Senator Watson has been the leading cheerleader for building the medical school, which is fine. However, when he failed to pass legislation in 2011 (SB 821) to authorize Central Health to help pay for medical education, I believe he continued to find ways to get his way. Senator Watson nor UT can now claim that in 2012, when Travis County voters gave the Health District the right to increase property taxes, they also gave them the power to do what SB 821, in its failure, did not do for them. Spending tens of millions of dollars per year — for things other than health care — is a rip off of low-income citizens, not to mention all who are paying for it.”

Lewis remarked that, “No other hospital district in Texas, to our knowledge, has funded a medical school’s non-health care services. Hospital districts typically contract with medical schools to provide health care for the poor, but no hospital district other than Central Health funds non-health care services of medical schools.”

Former longtime State Senator for the Austin area, Gonzalo Barrientos, helped draft the bill that passed in the 2003 legislative session to allow for the creation of the Central Healthcare Hospital District. Barrientos commented, “My intent in passing the law that we passed in the legislature was to create a district that medically treated poor people, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year but right now when they’re hurting.”

Senator Kirk Watson is a partner at Husch Blackwell LLP. The firm represents Central Healthcare Hospital District and has paid the firm over $3 million.

For more details on matters contained in this release, see these 4 charts and the Fred Lewis report.

For More Information:

Linda Curtis, 512-657-2089
Fred Lewis, 512-636-1389




Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

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Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

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