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Picket the Growth Machine!

This media advisory is hitting Texas media right now. We hope to see you on Friday with your own home made Hi, I'm Ivy from San Antonio, I'm here to steal your water.signs! Call us for a ride or reply with your phone number.

Media Advisory
Friday, September 16, Noon
Contact:  Linda Curtis, 512-657-2089

San Marcos, Texas
Citizens Picket Annual Growth Summit

This Friday, landowners and residents from the IH-35 growth corridor and the “forced water donor” communities east of Austin, will picket the Annual Growth Summit being held at the Embassy Suites in San Marcos. The picket comes on the heels of permits granted for over 124,000 acre-feet of groundwater (more than 110 million gallons per day) from the endangered slow-recharging Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer underlying Bastrop, Burleson, Lee and Milam counties. Those permits are now:

⇒Vista Ridge/”The San Antone Hose”          50,000 AFY
⇒Forestar Real Estate Group:                      28,500 AFY
⇒End Op, L.P.                                               46,000 AFY
⇒Total                                                         124,500

Picketers will have plenty to say about why citizens from rural, suburban and urban Texas are joining hands to fight the “growth machine”.  They will be carrying signs like the one in this advisory to tell their story.

More here on the Picket at the Growth Summit–Please come!

We encourage media to join us outside and across the street from the Embassy Suites at 12 pm or to call us.

For more information:


Last Stop for End Op, L.P. at Lost Pines GCD

Just some of the citizens who came to Milano for local water control.

We were in Milano in March 2012 fighting End Op’s pipe dream. Be in Bastrop with us on Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016.

We just got notice of a specially called meeting by the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District for THE final decision on the End Op 46,000 acre-feet mega-groundwater permit. We need to take this next step together, y’all.


There are very few things that would cause us to reschedule Austin whistleblower developer, Brian Rodgers’ planned visit with us that same night. But, he and you understand how important the End Op plan to mine our aquifer is to us and our future!

Please come to the Bastrop Convention Center next Wednesday and stand with us to say no to End Op’s Pipe Dream.


Where is End Op water headed?

Please come tomorrow night, 7 pm to the Bastrop Convention Center, 1408 Chestnut:  The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District will make a momentous decision on the 46,000 acre-feet mega-permit to End Op, L.P..

Where is End Op’s water headed? Travis, Williamson and…surprise, surprise…Hays County was just added!

So many water deals, it hurts, right? This is the aquifer under Bastrop and Lee counties (the Simsboro) that also underlies Burleson and Milam counties, where their groundwater district — Post Oak Savannah — already sold out their landowners, granting a 50,000 AFY permit for the Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose. Lost Pines’ decision tomorrow also comes on the heels of their decision to grant Forestar Real Estate at stair-stepped permit for 28,500 AFY. More from our friends at Environmental Stewardship here.

flier-3GrowthSummitAre you getting your signs ready to picket the Growth Summit on September 16th in San Marcos?
Please share this event page here!

Calling all central Texans —
show up and bring your own home made signs!

hand_thumbs_down_ty_clrRent too high? Property taxes out of control?

hand_thumbs_down_ty_clrSick of eminent domain for private gain and constant threats to your water?

hand_thumbs_up_md_clrTogether, across party lines, we can muzzle the central Texas Growth Machine.

Reply or call us if you want to ride together.


Last Stop for End Op

This coming Wednesday night, Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District (Lee and Bastrop counties) will make a final decision on End Op, L.P.’s mega-permit demand for 46,000 acre-feet of groundwater per year from the Simsboro aquifer — especially underlying Lee County. This is on top of the 50,000 acre-feet already permitted for Vista Ridge (the San Antone Hose) by the Post Oak Savannah GCD, from the same aquifer system underlying Burleson and Milam counties. And don’t forget Forestar Real Estate’s already settled permit by Lost Pines for 28,500 acre-feet — from the same aquifer.

Where do you think this water is headed? Wherever the growth lobby wants it, including — unquestionably — Hays County, which was specifically added to the permit just a few weeks ago.

We were there in Milano in March 2012, when this picture was taken, challenging End Op’s

We were there in Milano in March 2012 standing up to End Op, L.P.'s pipe dream

We were there in Milano in March 2012 standing up to End Op, L.P.’s pipe dream

pipedream. Come stand with us on Wednesday because we’re not going away…far from it.==>

►Show up!  Wednesday, September 7, 7 pm, Bastrop Convention Center, 1408 Chestnut…get ready for the next round.

Are you planning on joining the picket line at the Growth Summit in San Marcos on Friday, September 16th? Hope so…more here!

P.S. Bastropians: Keep an eye out for information on the Bastrop City Council meeting planned for THURSDAY, September 8th, at 6:30 pm. More when we see the agenda.

PPS We regret to have to reschedule Brian Rodgers’ visit to Bastrop scheduled on the same night.


Texans, armed with clipboards, can’t be beat!

Please read and share this message!

We need you at the Capitol this coming Monday at 9 am for a hearing on petitioning rights, AND

If you live in Lee or Bastrop counties (or are affected by the attempts to raid the Simsboro aquifer formation) show up on Wednesday night at 6 pm for what looks like THE FINAL decision on the End Op, L.P. mega-water permit! More…

Photo Credit:  Texas Tribune

Photo Credit: Texas Tribune

Folks, remember the nefarious attempt by Rep. Jim Keffer (R-Granbury) to gut our petition rights in the last legislative session? A broad coalition came together to stomp that bill to death in the Senate after it passed the House! Our “people’s check and balance” on local government — our rights to petition for a public vote — is to be protected, not attacked.

An important hearing of the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations is taking place this coming Monday — with petition rights front and center. Come ye citizens of Texas!

Legislative Hearing, Monday, Aug. 15, 9 a.m. Details here.
Call us if you want to ride and/or to plan testimony.

Do you live in Lee or Bastrop County or depend on the Simsboro Aquifer?
Show up this Wednesday, August 10th at 6 pm!
Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Hearing
Bastrop City Hall, 1311 Chestnut, Bastrop, TX

End Op, L.P. may just finally wrest their mega-permit for the 46,000 acre-feet of groundwater per year out of the Lost Pines GCD.

donate_to_relief_fund_lg_clrOur communities across the region are gearing up to lawyer-up with the new non-profit Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund. Show up and bring some money for the cause — and help get set for some big rounds in court.

Texans, armed with clipboards and a little cash, can’t be beat!

PS If you know any of the legislators on the Intergovernmental Relations Committee and can’t make the hearing, please send them an email or call them and tell them not to mess with our petition rights.

PPS If you like our Facebook page and share this post from there, it helps us reach thousands more people. Please do.


Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

Sign it, if you live in Austin

Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

Dear Mayor Adler and Austin City Council Members:


Why don't you share this with your friends, please:

Make Growth Pay for Itself

No Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose