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Don’t be hosed by SAWS of the San Antone Hose!

San Antonio Water System official, Robert Puente, told the Express News that it would cost “hundreds of millions of dollars” for San Antonio to get out of the $3.4B Vista Ridge water pipeline project. But the paper failed to ask Puente if this includes the $120 million for the pipeline that went missing last year — for which SAWS has yet to account.

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“Don’t Be Hosed by SAWS or the San Antone Hose”  —>

Join us for a conference call this coming Sunday at 6 pm.
We have news for SAWS, The Hose and YOU! Call us for the conference line at 512-535-0989.

And yes, we will talk about upcoming elections. The filing period for candidates to run for local and state office opened on Saturday, November 11 and ends on December 11.

Independent Texans is a political action committee that supports candidates regardless of party persuasion. A united, cross-partisan movement to protect our resources and pocketbooks has long been our goal.

We promise you this for Sunday’s call. You will be intrigued to hear what’s going on with the water wars and independent politics…because our time has come!


Dust off your boots and get to this event Thursday!

We are sending you this alert to ask you to attend a meeting about the Waste Transfer in Cedar Creek THIS Thursday, November at 6:30 pm at the Cedar Creek Middle School, 126 Voss Parkway.

We will also give you very important updates on the water wars, especially Vista Ridge/The San Antone Hose. We have had many calls about the pipeline that is coming through the county and how big it is. We also await Judge Campbell’s decision on landowner rights to a seat at the table in the End Op/Recharge water dispute.

Dust off your boots, Bastrop. Join us on Thursday!
Thursday, November 16, 6:30 pm to 8 pm
Cedar Creek Middle School at 125 Voss Parkway, Cedar Creek 78612. map here

Bring your neighbors!

We may have additional things to tell you before Thursday, so keep an eye out. We’re gathering information as we write to you.

Got questions? Feel free to reach Steve Chamberlain at (817) 360-0678 or reply to this message.

Have we asked you to contribute to the Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund yet? Help them defend our aquifers. Go here to SAWDF and give a tax-deductible contribution.


Open Letter to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick from Independent Texans

Dear Lt. Governor:

Linda Curtis

Linda Curtis

I believe you are entitled to your opinions about any variety of issues facing Texas.

However, I do not believe that you are entitled to use the power of your office to commit the same kind of government overreach that we see at the federal level.

I believe in local control. I thought you did too. I believe that the individuals and institutions closest to the issue, in this case, students, educators and school administrators, are best suited to identifying the issues and making the decisions.

I also thought you supported limited government — minimal government intervention into personal liberties, property rights and the economy. Your actions, especially this week as much of the state is facing disaster declarations, have us scratching our heads.

I am urging you to divert your attention from the “bathroom crisis” and to intervene into a crisis where I believe you would not be in violation of the principles of local control and limited government. For the last two years, the city of San Antonio and its water utility (SAWS) have pursued a course of action to benefit private partners and special interests in water and real estate, forcing ratepayers to pay for the unnecessary and over-priced $3.4 billion Vista Ridge Water Project.

The vast majority of landowners living over the “donor” (unwilling) Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer are beside themselves over the abuse of eminent domain for private gain and the potential depletion of their aquifer for the 142-mile pipeline they call “The San Antone Hose”. SAWS just reported a plan to offload almost 5 billion gallons a year to the I-35 corridor signaling disastrous urban sprawl over the sensitive zones of the Edwards Aquifer – San Antonio’s own drinking water supply.

Mr. Patrick, I am urging you to use the power of your office to:

  1. Call for the Attorney General to investigate SAWS’ potential violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act, now in litigation;
  1. Direct your appointee, Sen. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) and Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs, to resign from participation in H204Texas, largely a treasure trove of water special interests who continue to push for “Gridzilla” – a statewide grid for mass movement of groundwater to development in dry areas – already a proven disaster in California; and
  1. Signal the Texas Senate that you want them to look at the issues of private property rights infringement, eminent domain abuse and consumer protection in groundwater leasing in the next session related to Vista Ridge. This will also signal to the City of San Antonio and SAWS that you have little appreciation for their efforts to force 50% rate hikes on their citizens at the very moment SAWS’ is moving to disqualify a petition signed by 6,000 ratepayers simply asking for a rate review by the Public Utility Commission.

To be fair, Lt. Governor, Texans are beginning to grasp the depth of the misplaced priorities of government at all levels, and the true meaning and imperative of “self-government”.  A remarkable example is the “Hidden Pines fire” in Bastrop County in October of 2015, not 4 years after the massive Bastrop fire in 2011. A group of 20 citizens recently produced this outstanding report — and without pointing fingers — provided a clear path for the cooperation of local and state government to prevent future unnecessary fire disasters. Read “Too Little, Too Late: Lessons Learned from the Hidden Pines Fire“.

I believe that you have made plain that you have not simply misplaced priorities, but you are driven by what you believe to be a just cause – “school choice”. That is also your prerogative. But, I believe it is an abuse of power to use a hot-button issue about transgender children to herald in what you have so far been unable to accomplish through the legislative process – school vouchers.

I can only conclude that at this moment you are failing we Texans far more than the students and educators of this state, most of whom are trying their best to do their jobs. Now, will you?

With respect,

Linda Curtis, Independent Texans


Update and Open Letter to Dan Patrick

This Saturday in San Antonio, 10 am sharp meet us at the Molly Pruitt Library (5110 Walzem Rd) for Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 7.55.45 AM petitioning to get Laura Thompson on the ballot as an independent for Texas House. Petitioning not your thing or can’t make it? Use that “Donate” button up above.

Wed., June 15, 6 or 7 pm, Bastrop City Hall. Attend this VERY! important hearing by the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District on the End Op, L.P. mega-permit for 46,000 acre-feet of groundwater. Show up especially if you live in Bastrop, Lee, Milam or Burleson County…and neighboring friends, we always love seeing ya.

Updates, News and Recaps

♦We just sent an Open Letter to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to local papers across the state. It respectfully asks Mr. Patrick to turn his attention from the “bathroom crisis” to take very specific action on the crisis in water policy – quickly becoming a “treasure trove” for water and real estate special interests – to the detriment of all including most toilets. 🙂 Share this with blogs you visit or walk it in to your local paper and leave comment on it at the bottom of the page.

Are you following the debate about independent politics in this election? This Texas Tribune piece today explores why Texas isn’t the independent state you think it is. Clarification: we Texans are very independent, our ballot access laws aren’t. This is just one of the reasons we have long advocated for a “bottom up fusion” strategy, discussed in the paper we published in 2010 entitled, “Who Will Organize the Independents?” We’re working on an update for release soon.

A remarkable example of the imperative and value of self-governance is the response of local folks to the “Hidden Pines Fire” in Bastrop County in October of 2015, not 4 years after the massive Bastrop fire in 2011. A group of 20 citizens recently produced this outstanding report — and without pointing fingers — provided a clear path for the cooperation of local and state government to prevent future unnecessary fire disasters. Read “Too Little, Too Late: Lessons Learned from the Hidden Pines Fire“.

♦Brief election runoff recap — goodbye to our friend, David Simpson (for now, we expect), hello to Bailes and more — read this quick wrap up here.

PS Live in Austin, Buda, Kyle? Contact us to help set up local meetings of independent voters.


San Antone Hose Water Alert

Don’t miss this important alert from the League of Independent Voters of Texas

— the only membership association in Texas for non-aligned, independent voters.

Do the Texas three-step to drain Vista Ridge.

This Texas Tribune piece today is about the “small” victory in stopping San Antonio Water System and their private partner (Central Texas Regional Water Supply Corporation a “non-profit” completely controlled by the financially troubled Abengoa) from accessing $885M in state funds passed by voters in 2013 (Prop 6). Not to be deterred, SAWS is still applying for $127M to integrate their water lines with Vista Ridge.

The rest of this alert is here for you to use to take action under this link.


Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

Sign it, if you live in Austin

Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

Dear Mayor Adler and Austin City Council Members:


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Make Growth Pay for Itself

No Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose