Speaking out: David Van Os


David is running for Attorney General (D) and putting his money where his mouth is. He’s gone to 231 counties in the state of Texas and sworn an oath to do the following:


If elected to serve as Attorney General of Texas, I solemnly promise that I will use every legal means available to me by that office to bring to a halt and/or invalidate the unconstitutional and illegal project known as the “Trans-Texas Corridor.” ~Affidavit for Public Records, sworn to and filed by David Van Os

At his courthouse appearances today, Attorney General Candidate David Van Os unveiled a notarized Affidavit for Public Record, through which he is placing in public records sworn promises to his fellow Texans that he intends to fulfill if he is elected Attorney General in the November general elections.

I tried to copy and paste an embedded link to a video of David of one of his appearances at a TXDOT hearing, but somehow, I’m still WordPress illiterate enough to not being able to make that happen. So, hence , I am steering you to my own site for now (not intended as shameless plug really, honestly, cross my heart and…) http://bloggerroundtable.blogspot.com/ . Check out the entry on Sunday October 8th.

In the event someone might complain that I/we should endorse Independent candidates only well.. as Linda (Curtis) mentioned last night after the documentary, “I vote across party lines”. As Independent Texans have voted on officially endorsing Strayhorn as the one person who we believe will follow through in canceling and stopping the toll road and Trans Texas Corridor fiasco, we also believe that aside from the Governor’s position, there are many candidates of all political stripes who are sincere and worthy of our vote. I’m sure you can make up your own decision of who they are.



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  1. I was at the Travis County Courthouse on Friday, October 20th at the 4:00 pm speech when he went there to file the affidavit, and I have to tell you that as a conservative, I have never heard anyone, Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian ever speak with such passion about our Bill of Rights, and how we are getting collectively conned with this Trans Texas Corridor.

    I intend to vote for him and support him by any means at my disposal.

    The man spoke with an unequivical, straightforward voice answering questions from the crowd (let’s see Abbott do that, or Perry) regarding the TTC unconstitutionality, our 2nd Amendment rights being stripped, our 4th Amendment rights being stripped, and all questions asked, for almost three house.

    He answered a news cameraman’s question as to why he was putting his promise in writing and filing it as public record in the most honest and straightforward method you could imagine.

    He told the guy “Because I want the people of Texas to know exactly what I intend to do” when in office. So he put it in writing, and filed it as public record.

    Any individual in the future can access that record, and confront him with it should he not do what he says he can do, and therefore the people don’t have to rely on the news media to obtain anything from archives, the public can do it themselves.

    I love it.

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