Rick Perry Really Cares


The Governor thinks he can justify taking $1.2 billion in stimulus funds, dedicating 70% of it to tolling Texans for roads to no where like the Grand Porkway in Houston, but can’t justify taking $500 million for unemployment benefits while Texans are losing their jobs. He says he doesn’t want the “strings” attached.

Well, you can read the rebuttals to that in the newspapers (this one in the Dallas News is as good as any), but it’s obvious what’s going on here.

Below is a message for the Governor. You might add your own and send them to the Governor yourself. Here’s where you can contact the Governor, though sending a letter to the editor and calling your state rep might not be a waste of your time.

Five Easy Ways for Governor Rick Perry to Prove to Texans He Really Cares:

1. Governor Perry, start by repenting your lobbyist-friendly ways, saving our highways and our homes from greedy corporate gangsters like home builder Bob Perry, who owns you.

2. Governor Perry, stop lying about the Trans-Texas Corridor. We know it is not dead, though your rein as Texans’ “longest standing Governor” is.

3. Governor Perry, you’re no fiscal conservative. You’re a penny pinching politician who could care less about elderly, disabled and poor Texans. When it comes to your big business buddies, money has never been an object.

4. Governor Perry, do you think you can trick Texans off their land by pushing a dummy eminent domain reform bill? If so, then you’re the real dummy.

5. Governor Perry, why don’t you vacate that $10,000 per month mansion we’re paying for, and while you’re at it, why don’t you vacate the Governor’s office now. Don’t wait until 2010. I know a real quick getaway on a toll road near you!


4 thoughts on “Rick Perry Really Cares

  1. Governor Perry, You are so removed from reality that it seems you are living in OZ with Dorothy. When will you wake up from your dream of GREATNESS through TOLL ROADS and other unbelievable pie-in-the-sky schemes and realize that Texas is literally BURNING up under your lack of dependable leadership. Your lack of listening to the Good Witch, means you are listening to the WICKED Witch…and not really able to connect with the citizens and taxpayers of Texas. If you were Dorothy, who dreamt of getting away from Kansas, ie:Texas; you would find that her companions on the journey, the Lion, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man…were true friends and Texans who value having a TEXAS that was built on the dreams of many of our ancestors… We do NOT want a Texas built on giving away TOLL roads to foreign entities who have no real feel for what Texas really is down deep, a very independent and ornery people who fought for the right to be called Texans.
    Maybe you need to get back to your roots, Governor…the farm you came from and dig around in some of that dirt. Your stay in that 10,000 dollar house keeps you from really seeing Texas. May you wake up from your DOROTHY dreams and see that Texas doesn’t want what you are DREAMING.

  2. Governor,

    You have proven how very little you care about the hard working men and women of Texas who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. We are not buying your inane excuse for allowing these workers and their families to go without, while you live in the lap of luxury off their tax dollars. You are a heartless man. Many children will suffer because of your politically motivated decision, but I guess as Marie Antionette said “Let them eat Cake”. Someday you will face a higher judgement, and I would not want to be in your shoes when you do.

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