Indies Out to Dump the TTC & Perry in the Special Session & In March Primary


Independent Texans, a citizens’ political action committee, put out tens of thousands of “Impeach Perry” bumper stickers and buttons across the state over the last two years. The organization is calling hundreds of thousands of independent voters today to join with anti-TTC Republicans to help ensure the defeat of the Governor’s plan in the special session to reauthorize the Trans-Texas Corridor. Further, the independents are using Perry’s continued push for the Corridor and “double-tax” toll roads to establish organizing committees throughout the state to “identify, organize and lasso” independent voters to enter the March Republican Party primary to dump Perry. The message being delivered today says, “Once again Governor Perry is attempting ram the Trans-Texas Corridor on Texans (HB 3), despite our universal opposition to it AND to use our state pension and retirement funds (SB 1) to prop up the risky toll roads. Contact your State Representative NOW at 512-463-4630 and sign up at IndependentTexans.org to join the citizens’ movement to dump Rick Perry next March.”

Linda Curtis, Director of Independent Texans, a 30 year veteran of the independent movement, said, “The Governor has a ‘thing’ about the Corridor and hiring lobbyists for the Corridor to push his legislative agenda. The newest example is Perry’s recently appointed Chief of Staff, Ray Sullivan, who came to the Governor’s office from his lobbying job for HTNB, the senior engineering firm consulting on the Trans-Texas Corridor. Is it any surprise that the Governor’s office has cranked out legislation to reauthorize the Corridor and comprehensive development agreements that the people of this state, including most of our elected officials, have said emphatically that we don’t want? Now, as the Governor’s toll roads are beginning to experience financial troubles due to low traffic volume (yesterday a plane was able to land on Texas 130, a leg of the TTC just outside of Austin), he is pushing to involve even more state pension funds to prop them up. We urge legislators to stand tall and to join Texans of all political persuasions to send this Governor down his toll roads by defeating this legislation.”

Independent Texans is one of many organizations working to mobilize voters for this special session to, once and for all, end Perry’s toll road schemes, foisted on Texans in the 2003 legislative session by then Transportation Committee Chair in the House and Perry loyalist, Mike Krusee. Krusee was forced not to seek reelection over the issue and is now a high paid lobbyist.

Many organizations from across the state and across the political spectrum — representing farmers, ranchers, environmentalists, transportation advocates, property rights groups, and all political parties — are fighting the TTC. A letter to the incoming Obama administration was sent in January detailing their concerns about public-private partnerships and calling for major reforms. The legendary chair of the US House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, James Oberstar, put out a press release on June 22 calling for less tollways and more public transit.

The numbers of independent (non-aligned) voters in Texas is unknown, but is probably about 5 million people. 1.3 million of them voted for one of two independent gubernatorial candidates in 2006, Carole Keeton Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman. The only organization in Texas attempting to organize political independents (a process often likened to ‘herding cats’) is Independent Texans.

For More Information:
Linda Curtis
Independent Texans
PO Box 14294
Austin, TX 78761
512-535-0989 home office
512-383-8484 Austin office
512-657-2089 cell


5 thoughts on “Indies Out to Dump the TTC & Perry in the Special Session & In March Primary

  1. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  2. After reading her stand on the issues at http://www.medinafortexas.com/index.php I wrote to the Debra Medina campaign. My questions (1A) are followed by a reply (1B) from Janise Cookston from her campaign:

    1A) If you eliminate property taxes, how will our local governments be able to operate? Am I wrong in thinking that our cities and counties are run based on the property taxes collected? I freely admit to being stupid on such matters.

    1B) Currently, property taxes primarily fund schools. Debra advocates that we abolish property tax and replace it with a broader base sales tax. This does not mean raising the sales tax, it simply means levying a sales tax on more things, things taxed in one other state and in this case the sale of real estate. If Texas were to abolish the property tax in favor of a broader base sales tax, even on homes, you would be in the black within two years as most property tax is in the neighborhood of 3%. Texas can replace all property tax revenue by broadening the base and lowering the state sales tax rate to 6.1%. Texans would finally own their property outright as opposed to leasing it from the taxing entities. Debra discussed this issue during her recent interview on the Mark Davis show. You can listen to that interview here on the Medina for Texas YouTube Page. (Part 2 is where she speaks about taxes)

    2A) Are you also pro-life in the case of rape and/or incest? I believe the option of abortion is being used much too often for just plain birth control. How stupid can a woman be these days (with the hundreds of ways to halt conception) to allow an unwanted pregnancy?

    2B) Debra is pro-life period, even in the case of rape and incest. She strongly believes life begins at conception and must be protected from that point until natural death. No excuses.

    3A) I have a chronic health condition. After my insurance company found out, they dropped me, and nobody else would cover me. After two years of being unable to work, I finally got on Social Security’s disability plan under Medicare. Now, the Medicare supplement insurance I have keeps raising their premiums until I fear it will be necessary for me to drop it. Isn’t it at all possible that the OPTION (The word option only gives us a choice-the power or right to choose.) available under the Obama Health Care Plan would force the insurance companies to become more competitive on their premiums? Newsweek says Texas is the highest in the nation for uninsured people: http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/thehumancondition/archive/2009/08/19/texans-are-most-likely-to-be-uninsured-gallup-says-but-don-t-blame-immigrants.aspx

    3B) As a registered nurse, Debra has spent nearly 25 years working in hospitals and nursing homes as well as for physician organizations. She will work hard to limit the federal governments unconstitutional interference in healthcare. She has pointed out that Texas high mandates on health insurance are driving up costs in Texas. She will work hard to limit government interference which will promote the greatest degree of competition in the free market resulting in lower costs, and better quality and availability of services.

    4A) On immigration …. how do you plan to STOP it? Could I please refer you to my entry on the infamous DailhyKos blog at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/8/18/768336/-UNDOCUMENTED-WORKERS-or-ILLEGAL-ALIENS (and I got pounded in some of the 19 comments that followed my entry). Aren’t we partly responsible for the immigration problem? Would you favor any kind of Amnesty at this point? Is it really possible to deport ALL illegal immigrants? Do you believe building THE FENCE is the answer?

    4B) Regarding illegal immigration, Debra has often discussed the importance of upholding our laws and is strongly committed to fierce immigration law enforcement. She believes that is only one facet, however, of what needs to be a multifaceted approach to the problem. While much rhetoric has been thrown at the problem, we’ve not seen progress towards workable solutions. She wants to be sure that we lead with policies and actions that will cure the disease and not merely treat the symptoms. She is completely opposed to amnesty. Whatever the recommendations, it is important that we enforce the law justly because we are all created equal. She will support the punishment of criminal behavior but is also committed to integrity in that punishment and to the prevention of further criminal behavior.

    5A) The deal-breaker for me in voting for you is your take on the Trans-Texas Corridor which, if completed, will come through my “back yard”. My community is in the pathway if the plans for the TTC-35 go forward. We were not exempt in the two year moratorium given under SB 792. I didn’t see a”Transportation” section in your list of issues.

    5B) Debra is 100% without question opposed to the TTC. The proposed corridor goes straight through her small town of Wharton as well. More importantly though, it is bad policy. It is big government nationalism threatening our sovereignty, stealing private property and still not addressing Texas transportation needs. Debra will strongly oppose the TTC.

    A few days after receiving this response to my email, Debra Medina phoned me. She spent a good deal of time on the phone with me. Most of the call was about her approach to taxes (item #1). She made a valiant attempt to explain her stand on this. I still don’t understand it, so I am content to remain stupid on the matter. There were no indications from her that she had THE answer to the illegal immigration problem, and there was no mention of THE FENCE as being a solution. She says on her website that illegal immigration should be stopped, but doesn’t explain HOW she plans to stop it. And finally, during our phone call, she could not say how she planned to STOP the TTC (or whatever TxDOT is wanting to call it today). Also, there is still nothing in her website concerning this issue

    It is my opinion that Debra Medina is extremely “the far right”. In fact, she is so much to the far right that I fully expect she will continue in a full circle until she completes a 360 and finds herself at the place of origin. Debra Medina will never compromise and there isn’t a moderate bone in her body. At this point the PROMISING part about Debra Medina is she may be the saving grace in the Republican Primary when it comes to pulling even more votes away from Governor Perry!

  3. Linda said to inform any and all of you to check out Sarah Palin’s face book page where I copied and pasted Linda’s ‘Open Letter’ to be certain that Sarah sees it….and comments are welcome!

    I’m proud to be an Independent Texan
    Doing things to make my Texas free
    Working hard to boot out old Rick Perry
    So Texas can regain true sovereignty!

    A little ditty that just popped out!

  4. Hey, anyone who would like to chime in and add a verse, jump right in.
    Perhaps we can all get together and make a clip for youtube!
    Sounds like plan! Linda, I know you’re good at this! I also know how many people check out that sight. We may have fallen into something great here! Of course we might have to get permission from Loretta Lynn to use her melody for our parody. (Coal Miner’s Daughter?)
    Or perhaps “Oakie From Muskogie” as the lyrics could use either melody and or some one of you who writes music come up with an original tune for our little ditty. This could be fun!!

  5. I have met, talked with and found my first up front personal meeting with Debra Medina was more positive than with any other candidate, ever! All I have seen and heard since then has only reinforced my resolution for her.
    She is not one party or the other but is her own self. She is a true conservative and not afraid to speak her mind and her heart. As far as the ‘independent” route, there has not been an independent candidate win a gubernatorial election since Sam Houston!
    Kinky Friedman found out how that one worked, last time. I know he is a bit crude and rough around the edges and too many people didn’t take him seriously even though I did support him back then.
    If Debra Medina was under the independent banner she would never have been able to debate with KBH & RP.
    I personally despise the political labels! I believe with all my heart that Debra Medina is the best possible candidate and I want her to be our next governor so much I can taste it!! But we cannot accept all these naysayers who simply do not see the big picture and how much sweeter life in Texas will be when Governor Debra Medina is a reality!!
    I have heard a couple of people actually state they were “sorry” but they are supporting Perry! I had to restrain myself and my tongue from saying if I were them, I’d feel obligated to apologize, as well. Then to add “Voting for Debra Medina means never having to say you’re sorry!”
    I’m telling all my Texas contacts that since the primaries are being held on Texas Independence Day, I challenged them to do something differently; instead of voting for the incumbents, vote for Debra Medina!!” A vote for Debra Medina is a vote FOR Texas and Texans’ independence! She is not in this for the money; she is in it to save us money! How hard is this to understand??

    Carol Jean Goodwin, San Marcos, TX but in Guadalupe County Precinct 206

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