"Adios Mofo", Rick Perry, June 20, 2005



Yes, he said it on June 20, 2005. And yes, we want to dump Rick Perry in November 2010. (Not the brightest bulb in the pack, ol’ Rick thought the mike was off as he nastily mimicked a reporter who was trying to get a real answer out of the Guv.)

Yes, Rick Perry said it, on June 20, 2005.  Send Rick down his toll roads.
Send Rick down his Trans-Texas Corridor!

We know you’re just not going to be able to resist adding one of the T-shirts to your wardrobe and wearing it around town.

They’re $20 a piece, and the proceeds go to fuel our organizing for Rick Perry’s defeat in 2010.

Place your orders here (be sure to include the size(s) you want.)
You can give a secure online donation here or send a check to Independent Texans, PO Box 14294, Austin, TX 78761. But, again, don’t forget to place your order by sending an email to Pat Jones, our state secretary.

Independent Texans members will vote on our endorsement for Governor and other races sometime in January. You must be a dues paying member to vote. Dues are just $10 for the year. (Please note: There is no partisan voter registration requirement in Texas, so becoming an independent is a self-declaration.)


1. Independent Texans will hold a crucial conference call on Sunday, September 20, at 7 pm. We will focus on the Governor’s race, but the agenda will be open to discuss any and all down ballot races on any and all party lines or independent. Please mark your calendar and send a note to our secretary, Pat Jones, who will email you conference call instructions closer to the date of the call. (Note: Our members will vote on our endorsements sometime in January, not on this or other conference calls!)

2. We were asked by our friends at the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance to announce their terrific Farm and Food Leadership Conference on September 14-15 in San Antonio. Check it out here y’all: http://farmandranchfreedom.org/content/conference-2009.

3. Many members and friends have asked us to pass on some important information to you about the swine flu vaccine. Click here for this information.

Hope to “see” you on the call on September 20th!

PS Feel free to forward this message to all who want to dump Perry this November!


12 thoughts on “"Adios Mofo", Rick Perry, June 20, 2005

  1. I am posting this from a friend:

    it is pretty inconceivable that anyone will be “forced” to take the flu vaccine. On the contrary, the fear is that there will not be enough to go around. The government will prioritize dispensing it to first responders, and people who are especially vulnerable — assuming they come forward and want it. There are plenty of reasons why people refuse the vaccine — including if they have any allergies to eggs. (The vaccine is grown on eggs.)

    This is one of the things that I monitor for my job, so I talk to public health officials and read the medical bulletins. With all the things we have to worry about, I wouldn’t worry about being forced to get a flu shot.

    The good news: people over 50 seem to have some acquired immunity to this new strain!

  2. The problem is that the alternative is kay bailey hutchison which is an even worse choice than perry…..

    It took tens of thousands of emails, telephone calls and personal visits to force senator kay bailey to vote against the immigration bill.

    Unless a better candidate comes forth, I will vote for perry for I will not vote of kay bailey or a democrat unless that dim is a true conservative….


  3. Rick Perry is handicapped in that he doesn’t have the brainpower to research past govs.i.e.[Ann Richards]. When he tried to force all young women to take the cervical cancer vaccine, that was tantamount to commiting political suicide. Ann Richards, during her term as govenor, tried the same thing with the concealed handgun law. She said that she knew better than the voters what was best for them. Guess what? She found out at the next election that Texans know their own mind and know what thet want. She was defeated in that election. The same goes for Rick Perry; he is trying to force the Trans Texas corridore down our throats. ‘WE’, the people of Texas need to let him know, along with the Washington politicos that we as the voters can make up our own mind, we are not children. Mr. Obama is one that needs to be taken to task for the things he is trying to pull. Let,s “UNITE” as one to straighten this political mess out.

  4. Much of the trash happening in Texas could be avoided by adopting the “Recall Mechanism”, use in California. Without the threat of removal, this governor, and any future Texas governor can wield their power practically uninhibited. There is no reason this governor should be allowed to stay in office when the overwhelming majority of Texas citizens oppose his agenda.

  5. Bob, to go InitiativeForTexas.org and sign the online petition to gain I & R rights for Texas. Please be sure to add your voter ID number in the appropriate space. It’s an important piece of information in this effort, and the number adds validity to the petiton.
    Thanks so much if you do sign up!
    Pat Jones

  6. Bob — Texans only have recall rights (as well as initiative and referendum) where we can petition for a public vote — at the municipal level only. We need to change that. One way we can start is by defeating politicians, like Sen. Jeff Wentworth, who continues to carry water for the big fat cat developer lobby in Austin that wants to make it impossible for citizens to get issues on the ballot by making the petition requirements impossible to reach. Wentworth is up next election in 2010.

    And, Walter, I agree that we need to unite! We have to be willing to go up against both party machines, at the same time work with friends within both parties, and build the independent movement outside. This “inside-outside” tactic allows for more maneauvering. Independents need maneauverability since we don’t usually have the money nor organization to go up against the big boys. I hope you will get involved with us to see more of what I’m talking about.

    Thanks to you both for chiming in. Linda Curtis, Independent Texans

  7. I hope that Debbie Medina will be taken more seriously than she is now. She’s much better choice than either Perry or Hutchison. But since she won’t be we stuck with two lousy choices.

  8. Please, let’s remember what happened last election! Too many people running for governor gave us what we did not want! Does anyone know if we will have the opportunity to have a run off if no one gets a clear 50% or more of the vote?
    Also, Texas needs the right of referendum. Why can we have a vote on some things and not on others? Why do people bend and allow issues to be brought up for vote that have been voted down multiple times?
    Oh, I know they do it to eventually have the turnout be one they want.
    This is a huge waste of money. Yes, it costs money to hold elections but repeating them so that some bureaucrats finally get their way is not worth the cost.

  9. I just caught that comment about Texas property taxes….where is this coming from? I like Debra Medina’s idea of a flat consumption tax or a kind of “fair tax” plan for Texas tht would eliminate the property tax completely!
    When the federal government ‘took over’ our schools, the school taxes automatically doubled and the school system went down hill from there! We need to take back our schools and get big govt out of our public school business. Get rid of that stupid TAKS test!
    Straighten out our school system by dropping the massive ISD program and get back to basics! Let teachers concentrate on teaching the children. Allow for volunteers or teachers aides to help out with the few who have problems with reading, for example.
    I held a remedial reading program at my boys’ elementary school many years ago. My boys never had a problem in school but I spent a lot of time at the school and the school librarian solicited my help with the students. It was THE most rewarding ‘job’ I have ever had. Just a little extra effort and all students CAN read. It just takes a caring person who has a little bit more time to spend to make them ‘see’ what phoenics is all about and the fact that there are some ‘sneaky’ words that aren’t necessarily spelled the way they are pronounced. Not all students get it as part of a class. Most teachers do not have the time to spend extra time with the one or two who do not comprehend right away. All I did was help them catch up.
    In some schools, the more gifted students help other students. Some high school students have been known to spend time with elementary students for this same purpose. It also is used to give extra credit to the older students. It’s a win/win solution. I know for a fact that my own sister worked with elementary students during her senior year in high school. The younger students loved her and paid more attention to her than to their teacher.

  10. Many thanks to Carol Jean Goodwin for mentioning the campaign of Debra Medina for Governor in 2010. Since it seems that many on this site are not familiar with Debra, I would like to post a little campaign message I have put together to share with others.
    Thanks for this opportunity.


    Does this word scare you? Well it should! Traditionally when people think of “revolution” they think of guns, violence, and blood in the streets. I believe many people think this is where our country is headed. When honest hard working citizens are taxed to bail out Wall Street, big banks and even people who made bad decisions to take on debts they could not afford, as well as having the value of the few dollars we have left loosing 90 plus percent of its value, then there is a day of reckoning ahead.

    However, you have the opportunity to participate in a different type of


    This is a


    Some of your friends and neighbors, ordinary people like yourselves, have decided enough is enough.!

    Something different and exciting happened in the recent Presidential Election. While Dr. Ron Paul was not elected to the office of President as many of us had hoped, his message of freedom, property rights and sound money sparked a R3VOLUTION across the country. The Ron Paul R3VOLUTION did not die with the November election. Indeed, we just entered Phase II.

    We did not sit around and wait for the parties to announce who the “anointed” candidates for the governor’s race in 2010 will be, so that we could continue to “vote for the lesser of two evils” as usual. We searched out and found the candidate we wanted to represent us. Isn’t that pretty REVOLUTIONARY?

    The candidate we chose, puts principle above party, to the point she challenged her party publicly at their State Convention for violating state election laws, as well as, their own party by-laws. How REVOLUTIONARY was that? I would call it “a shot fired across the bow!” Our candidate never sought to run for governor, indeed her life and her family would be better off if she refused our request (which she did at first.) She is doing this at considerable personal sacrifice, but she understands the sacrifice our Founding Father’s made to secure our liberties for us, 200 plus years ago. Having a servant’s heart, she has agreed “to serve if elected!” That is truly REVOLUTIONARY, an elected official who understands that it is the people who are sovereign, and as governor, she would be working “FOR THE PEOPLE!

    Finally, we must all realize what a sad day it is, when ideas such as defending our Constitution, upholding one’s oath of office, elected officials who are truly public servants and that it is the people who are sovereign, are considered REVOLUTIONARY! This is the REVOLUTION we all must join.


    We must restore these ideas and return to our heritage that made this country great, or we will surely find ourselves in a REVOLUTION with guns and with blood. Let’s engage fully and win this battle at the ballot box, to avoid having to win it on the battle field.

    To learn more about our candidate, please visit the following web sites: The site http://www.medinafortexas.com gives information on how to join the Revolution and on how to make donations etc. (PLEASE DO BOTH!) Then check out http://debramedina.us . This proves our candidate was trying to get out information and address issues even before we convinced her to agree to serve, if elected! All of these sites are done by volunteers. Finally check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1ZC26KGb5I for Debra’s speech at the Texas Republican State Convention and see this lady of principle in ACTION!



  11. Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

  12. After reading her stand on the issues at http://www.medinafortexas.com/index.php I wrote to the Debra Medina campaign. My questions (1A) are followed by a reply (1B) from Janise Cookston from her campaign:

    1A) If you eliminate property taxes, how will our local governments be able to operate? Am I wrong in thinking that our cities and counties are run based on the property taxes collected? I freely admit to being stupid on such matters.

    1B) Currently, property taxes primarily fund schools. Debra advocates that we abolish property tax and replace it with a broader base sales tax. This does not mean raising the sales tax, it simply means levying a sales tax on more things, things taxed in one other state and in this case the sale of real estate. If Texas were to abolish the property tax in favor of a broader base sales tax, even on homes, you would be in the black within two years as most property tax is in the neighborhood of 3%. Texas can replace all property tax revenue by broadening the base and lowering the state sales tax rate to 6.1%. Texans would finally own their property outright as opposed to leasing it from the taxing entities. Debra discussed this issue during her recent interview on the Mark Davis show. You can listen to that interview here on the Medina for Texas YouTube Page. (Part 2 is where she speaks about taxes)

    2A) Are you also pro-life in the case of rape and/or incest? I believe the option of abortion is being used much too often for just plain birth control. How stupid can a woman be these days (with the hundreds of ways to halt conception) to allow an unwanted pregnancy?

    2B) Debra is pro-life period, even in the case of rape and incest. She strongly believes life begins at conception and must be protected from that point until natural death. No excuses.

    3A) I have a chronic health condition. After my insurance company found out, they dropped me, and nobody else would cover me. After two years of being unable to work, I finally got on Social Security’s disability plan under Medicare. Now, the Medicare supplement insurance I have keeps raising their premiums until I fear it will be necessary for me to drop it. Isn’t it at all possible that the OPTION (The word option only gives us a choice-the power or right to choose.) available under the Obama Health Care Plan would force the insurance companies to become more competitive on their premiums? Newsweek says Texas is the highest in the nation for uninsured people: http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/thehumancondition/archive/2009/08/19/texans-are-most-likely-to-be-uninsured-gallup-says-but-don-t-blame-immigrants.aspx

    3B) As a registered nurse, Debra has spent nearly 25 years working in hospitals and nursing homes as well as for physician organizations. She will work hard to limit the federal governments unconstitutional interference in healthcare. She has pointed out that Texas high mandates on health insurance are driving up costs in Texas. She will work hard to limit government interference which will promote the greatest degree of competition in the free market resulting in lower costs, and better quality and availability of services.

    4A) On immigration …. how do you plan to STOP it? Could I please refer you to my entry on the infamous DailhyKos blog at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/8/18/768336/-UNDOCUMENTED-WORKERS-or-ILLEGAL-ALIENS (and I got pounded in some of the 19 comments that followed my entry). Aren’t we partly responsible for the immigration problem? Would you favor any kind of Amnesty at this point? Is it really possible to deport ALL illegal immigrants? Do you believe building THE FENCE is the answer?

    4B) Regarding illegal immigration, Debra has often discussed the importance of upholding our laws and is strongly committed to fierce immigration law enforcement. She believes that is only one facet, however, of what needs to be a multifaceted approach to the problem. While much rhetoric has been thrown at the problem, we’ve not seen progress towards workable solutions. She wants to be sure that we lead with policies and actions that will cure the disease and not merely treat the symptoms. She is completely opposed to amnesty. Whatever the recommendations, it is important that we enforce the law justly because we are all created equal. She will support the punishment of criminal behavior but is also committed to integrity in that punishment and to the prevention of further criminal behavior.

    5A) The deal-breaker for me in voting for you is your take on the Trans-Texas Corridor which, if completed, will come through my “back yard”. My community is in the pathway if the plans for the TTC-35 go forward. We were not exempt in the two year moratorium given under SB 792. I didn’t see a”Transportation” section in your list of issues.

    5B) Debra is 100% without question opposed to the TTC. The proposed corridor goes straight through her small town of Wharton as well. More importantly though, it is bad policy. It is big government nationalism threatening our sovereignty, stealing private property and still not addressing Texas transportation needs. Debra will strongly oppose the TTC.

    A few days after receiving this response to my email, Debra Medina phoned me. She spent a good deal of time on the phone with me. Most of the call was about her approach to taxes (item #1). She made a valiant attempt to explain her stand on this. I still don’t understand it, so I am content to remain stupid on the matter. There were no indications from her that she had THE answer to the illegal immigration problem, and there was no mention of THE FENCE as being a solution. She says on her website that illegal immigration should be stopped, but doesn’t explain HOW she plans to stop it. And finally, during our phone call, she could not say how she planned to STOP the TTC (or whatever TxDOT is wanting to call it today). Also, there is still nothing in her website concerning this issue

    It is my opinion that Debra Medina is extremely “the far right”. In fact, she is so much to the far right that I fully expect she will continue in a full circle until she completes a 360 and finds herself at the place of origin. Debra Medina will never compromise and there isn’t a moderate bone in her body. At this point the PROMISING part about Debra Medina is she may be the saving grace in the Republican Primary when it comes to pulling even more votes away from Governor Perry!

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