Anyone But Perry, the Texas Lawn Chair Larry


Remember Lawn Chair Larry? The former trucker, Larry Walters, got an honorable mention from the Darwin Awards which “salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it”.

Click here to find out what Lawn Chair Larry and Governor Rick Perry have in common and why independent, non-aligned voters may adopt an “Anyone But Perry” strategy for the 2010 race for Texas Governor.


3 thoughts on “Anyone But Perry, the Texas Lawn Chair Larry

  1. When will the independents start ti seriously consider the secessation of TEXAS from our present government? Mr Obama is leading us down the path of destruction on agreased rail. We probably don’t have a whole lot of time left to be able to do this. LET’S GET STARTED!!!!!

  2. please never a democrat, i am against any democrat, they work with the aclu, taking prayers out of schools, abortions, you name it that is a democrat. we are in the mess we are in now on account of democrats. acorn, seiu and other unions that obama is paying back for helping him to win the election, how is it he won?

  3. Hello Vida and Walter:

    On secession, abortion and prayer in the schools, I do not believe you will ever get independent, non-aligned voters to agree on these subjects. Since the days of the old Reform Party (back in the 90’s) independent activists and leaders have agreed to put these issues to the side (not change our positions, but just agree to disagree) and see if we can unite around the concerns we all have for the way government has become too much under the influence of the financial elite in our country. How can ordinary Americans get “in” to our rotting political system? By uniting outside the two parties to settle that more fundamental score.

    Read our web site — it seems you don’t understand who we are! We’re a united front of conservatives, liberals, progressives who agree on little else than the dire need to clean up and open up our political process.

    Last, my read on most independents is that they don’t want the government weighing in on personal decisions related to abortion and prayer.

    Linda Curtis, Independent Texans

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