4 thoughts on “Texas Gubernatorial Debate-What's Your Feedback?!

  1. I find it rather discouraging that this debate is not publicized and everyone that I talk to is totally unaware of this debate. I called my local newspaper to ask if they were aware of the debate and if they would publicize it. They were not aware and will discuss it with the editor to see if they will include notification in the newspaper. It certainly appears that the Republican Party of Texas does not want the public to be informed and does not want to expose Rick and Kay to public scrutiny and does not want to make the public aware that a true uncompromised candidate is in the running. Once again they are working to silence truth. Why do you think this debate is not going viral in Texas?

  2. It’s not going viral because the electorate has been inoculated to business-as-usual politics. They find the antics disturbing and are tired of being lied to. Can’t blame them.

    Also, this is a PBS sponsored debate and likely more PBS watchers lean Democratic.

    Just one person’s opinion here. Others can chime in.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. I think Medina is doing a superb job of clarifying the real intent of the other two candidates. Both Perry and Hutchinson are members of the progressive movement that have been pushing for this borderless one world government we are presently experiencing. These two so-called Republicans will continue to nullify Texas and U.S. sovereignty.
    We must decentralize the power and the influence pulling the strings behind the scenes in Washington. Some foreign entity is always overpowering individual state’s rights.
    We must also demand that our officials rescind NAFTA for a fair reciprocal trade deal. We must disengage ourselves from the CFR, the Trilateral commission, WTO, IMF, the Federal reserve, World Bank, United Nations and all other unconstitutional and treasonous treaties we have somehow become entangled within. Our elected officials made the choice to make contracts with folk that do not have American interests at heart. We the people certainly didn’t condone this.
    We must eliminate all Progressives from both political parties from our political offices, then vote for candidates that demand the return of the constitutional Republic entrusted to us by our fore- fathers. Only then will we be able to restore sound money, private property rights and free enterprise. We can accomplish this one state at a time…Yes we can! Vote Medina Texas!

    For God, Country and the Constitution,

  4. FYI–all dues paying members get to vote on our endorsements. This year it’s only $10 – though you’ve missed the deadline for the primary. If you join up now, you can vote on our endorsement for the general election in November sometime in the early fall. Are you an independent Texan — meaning you vote for the person, not the party? Then, yes you are!

    Dont’ forget to boot perry at http://BootPerry.org/give-him-the-boot

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