Early voting has begun and ends on Friday, February 26. Election day is Tuesday March 2!


We recommend you vote in this year’s Republican primary to settle the score in the ongoing battle that independents (and hordes of Republicans and Democrats) have with Governor Rick Perry. Independent Texans has endorsed Debra Medina – here’s why. (Note: we understand that you may have other plans if there is a meaningful contested Democratic primary in your area; if you are pledged to attend a Libertarian or Green convention, or want to sign a “third party” petition for ballot access for the Greens or Constitution parties.)

For years we have challenged Texans (of all persuasions) to give Perry the boot. Our site at BootPerry.org gives a humorous look at just 17 reasons why Perry should be sent packin’ down his toll roads (push the red button until Perry’s swelled head explodes and see what it says!) Texas voters can take advantage of the Texas open primary and cross party and ideological lines to get rid of the most divisive and corrupt politician this state has seen in a very long time.

We recommend you go to the League of Women Voter’s statewide and local web sites. First, go here then click on the link(s) below “2010 Primary Election Voters Guide” for statewide candidates:

For candidates running in your area, you can also click on the link to the top right of their home page also copied here:


The primary is the first of several steps we have in removing Rick Perry. If none of the three (Rick, Kay or Debra) gets 50% plus one in the Republican primary, there’s a runoff between the top two vote getters in 30 days. We will open up our support again for the potential runoff, and/or for the general election — and consider candidates of all parties and independent — just following the primary or runoff.

Have fun and boot Perry ya’ll!
Linda Curtis


1 thought on “Early voting has begun and ends on Friday, February 26. Election day is Tuesday March 2!

  1. I have been flwg the set-up of Debra Medina & yes, even from our own local news media led by Sen Dan Patrick-Glenn Beck-Gov Rick Perry.

    Perhaps someone would like to check into the issue of 2009 when Gov Perry was caught in the scandal involving the youths in the Texas correctional facilities where they were being raped & sodomized by guards & VIPs behind a locked office door, etc.

    Perry & his office was informed & fully aware of this going on but did absolutely nothing to have it investigated or attempted to stop it.

    Even worse, when it finally hit the fan Perry suddenly tried to deny having any knowledge & then defended the perpetrators by saying they were being treated to harshly.

    One must ask why Gov Perry would condone perverted sexual abuse & exploitation of minors/our children, since 2005.

    Perry has been praying this topic will not again see the light of day during this election.
    I “betcha”, so has Dan & Beck. Would they have to cover it on their news media nation wide in order to save face & their credibility after what they did to Debra?

    Anyone can find details of the story on the internet, I did. It’s truly a shocker & was even covered by Sen Dan Patrick on his radio program as more of the scandal was breaking in 2009 & while he was
    sitting in session.

    Our family was not sure if we would be voting this election because the Republican Party has made it clear they do not want folks to vote if they associate with or are name-tagged by them as 911 truthers, birthers, paultards, and seek latino votes.

    This tactic is known as “publicly shaming” the opposition to achieve a desired outcome.

    We are simple folk who believe in our Constitutions as the Laws of this land & use our GOD ALMIGHTY given brain to think with, not a talking head.
    Now we will be voting MEDINA.

    We are not 9-11 truthers, birthers, paultards or what-ever the Repub/Demo club wishes to name-tag any opposition.

    We have now revoked our Republican stat on our voter registration & will not join the TEA PARTY because the Republican Party has taken charge from within. They are filtering out those who began the movement to rid opposition of whom-ever will be their “anointed-One” as usual, by using the tactic of “public shame” name-tagging
    Tea Party members.

    In closing let me say, Glenn Beck has publicly lied on his show when he stated he was the “first” to warn about the financial crisis 3 yrs ago (I believe). It is record that US Rep Ron Paul was the “first” to begin warning Americans of the financial crisis as far as I can remember in 1999, at the federal level. Maybe Beck can pull up a clip of when Rep Paul first began warning Americans & Beck’s “first” warning. I would love for him to make a “liar” out of me.

    Katy Brenda

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