What's Next for Texas Independents?


As we approach the November election in Texas what do you think independent, non-aligned voters should do?

In my humble opinion, ordinary Texans and all Americans will continue to suffer the consequences of the powerful corporate lobbies unless and until we also give up our own special interest lobbies called the Democratic and Republican parties.

Do you think that this year independents should focus on local races? You can dialogue with me about this at the bottom of this post.

I think so. But to prove my point, I’m working with some great folks in my home town of Bastrop, Texas. We’ve started a local independent organization — Bastrop Independents. With hard work, independents here could well decide the outcome of two hotly contested local races for the Texas House District 17 currently held by Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt who has a serious challenger, local rancher Pati Jacobs. A local County Commission seat (Precinct 4) is also hotly contested because of a private airport that residents feel was foisted on them.

Please join us at a forum here in Bastrop on Wednesday, August 18 at 7 pm. If you can’t make it to Bastrop, we’ll be video-taping it and reporting on our local blog. If you know folks who live in District 17, invite them to come to this. District 17 encompasses all of Bastrop, Burleson, Colorado, Lee and Fayette counties and a tad of Brazos county.

Interested in organizing locally and independently wherever you are? Let us know and we’ll assist. Send us a note to ljcurtis@indytexans.org or call us at 512-535-0989.


4 thoughts on “What's Next for Texas Independents?

  1. Hi Linda,
    One valuable service might be compiling and promoting a list of candidates who are committed to campaign and election reforms: Redistricting, ballot Access, Citizen funded campaigns, Disclosure, etc. This might inspire the Media to ask candidates questions about it.
    This might done in collaboration with the League of Women Voters, Public Citizen,, Common Cause, Coffee Party, Texans for Public Justice, etc.

  2. Recommend Dick Bowen South TX SD19…Republican Candidate..Good man…against property taxes, etc. Doesn’t have lots of money to cover his 600 mile territory, but got 74%of the Republican Votes. It is a heavy demorcrat area. Check him out.

  3. Ok! We have Rick Perry and Bill White and we don’t want either one of them? What do we do to? I hate to vote for the worser of two evils and in this case I am not sure which is worse or which evil to vote for. We really have a problem in Texas, now don’t we.

  4. I refuse to vote for Rick Perry and I don’t want White because of our terrible problem with our border.

    I am going to WRITE IN DEBRA MEDINA for governor in protest for getting stuck with Perry again for a candidate. His TTC globalist plans must be stopped.

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