ACC campus in Bastrop?


Bringing an Austin Community College Campus (ACC) to Bastrop will be on the November ballot.   Independent Texans will take a vote on whether we support or oppose this issue this Saturday, October 9th at 2 pm.  The meeting will be held at Schlotzsky’s in Bastrop (on the frontage road in front of Walmart).

People can vote if they have been to a previous meeting of Independent Texans AND if they are going to volunteer to help with one or both of the two races which have been endorsed by Independent Texans; Pati Jacobs for State Representative,  House District 17 and/or Rocky Palmquist, County Commissioner Precinct 4 in Bastrop.

We are providing four links to articles below stating the pros and cons of opening an ACC campus in Bastrop which were printed in The Bastrop Advertiser. We hope you will read these articles before casting your vote on Saturday.

The Bastrop Advertiser ran two articles, each with pros and cons.  Following are the link to those articles.

What is Bastrop’s # 1 Higher Education Need?

Is ACC the highest and best use of taxpayer post secondary education dollars?

What is the impact of the ACC annexation and who controls the tax rate?

What are the payoffs versus the costs of Bastrop joining the ACC district?


1 thought on “ACC campus in Bastrop?

  1. There are many points, pro and con concerning the AUSTIN Community College Taxing District. I think an important one to consider is value for our tax dollar.
    Value – “Tuition is temporary, a tax is forever.” Let’s look at our neighbors to the east in Del Valle. Del Valle has about 325 students enrolled in AUSTIN CCD classes. Del Valle property taxpayers pay about $2.6 million in property taxes to AUSTIN CCD. The 325 students reap, at best, $500 thousand “savings” from their “in district” status. Simple arithmetic shows the community loses a whooping $2.1 million.
    Those dollars go to AUSTIN and are unlikely to return to Del Valle. This represents real money lost to the taxpayers of Del Valle. Dollars they could have used to send their children to a real 4 year college, fix their roads pay off their personal debts. The excess they pay is not rebated to the community. You see AUSTIN CC Taxing District must pay off its massive debt of $444 million dollars. The ACC debt will eclipse nearly a half billion dollars if voters in Hays and Bastrop Counties approve annexation.

    AUSTIN CC Taxing District is IMO practicing a form of “Tuition Blackmail” by charging very high out of district rates and offering senior taxpayers a huge tax exemption, to encourage passage of their property tax district. Had they not poured millions into real property and used vacant classrooms, they wouldn’t need to charge such high rates. Remember, when AUSTIN CC was formed, it did not rely on property tax. Those attending paid for their education…..what a novel idea. In fact, I graduated from AUSTIN CC at no expense to Austin ISD taxpayers.

    I recall the light rail controversy in Austin. Those opposing the light rail plan pointed out you could buy every passenger on light rail a new Jaguar for the cost of the light rail. How much “education” could Del Valle taxpayers get for the $2.1 million dollars they send to “ACC Heaven?”

    Value is just one aspect to consider, but in this day and time when a “double dip recession” is almost certain, we have to watch every penny. There is not enough space here to list the many reasons why taxpayers should take a close look at this taxing district vote, but there are no less than 6 websites created by ordinary taxpayers, revealing the other side of the ACC Taxing District. Links can be found at http://acctaxfacts.com.

    Recently Del Valle taxpayers have been exploring a way to remove themselves from the taxing district. You have to ask yourself; “If it is such a “bird nest on the ground,” why would this less than affluent community be looking to bail? Really folks, who in their right mind is going to step into a voting booth and vote for a property tax which will go to Austin?

    Tuition is temporary, taxes are forever.”

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