Statewide Moratorium on Water Permits – Act Now – & be in Bastrop on March 19th!

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The Texas Water Development Board, all six Perry appointees, have abdicated their duties to "provide for the conservation and responsible development of water for Texas."  We believe they are operating in violation of the Water Code.

What's more, is groundwater contamination is a real threat.  If you don't believe it, read this.
This is why we have joined with other organizations (and more are on the way) to urge the Texas Legislature to: 
(1) Enact a statewide Moratorium on Groundwater Permits, 
(2) To call upon the Governor to call a special session in the summer to address the water crisis, and 
(3) To hold hearings to inform and involve the public.
Please use these documents below to inform yourself.  Then call your State Representative and State Senator (click here to find them).    
Please come to our statewide ACTION conference (click on flier below), "The Texas Water War:  Is there a solution and who decides" on Saturday, March 19th from 10 to 5 pm.  This event will address legislative, legal and community action.  You may reserve a free seat to this event by replying to this message with your name, the number of seats and your phone number.  If you're organization wants a table, please contact us right away.  
Please forward this email to your friends across the Lone Star State!

1 thought on “Statewide Moratorium on Water Permits – Act Now – & be in Bastrop on March 19th!

  1. Fracking is a huge threat to water supplies everywhere it is used, which is almost everwhere (see "Gasland" by Josh Fox, nominated for an academy award). Consider also that there are thousands of dormant unplugged gas and oil wells in Texas (see Texas Land and Mineral Owners Association, TLMA). All represent a threat to ground water supplies. Also, the Trans Canada Pipeline which proposed to transport very toxic tarsands oil from Canada to Beaumont, Texas. It will cross several major rivers in Texas and several water aquafers (see STOP).
    John Mayo.

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