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  1. You’re most welcome, AJ. I urge all the folks who come here for information to consider writing for the blog to keep friends and neighbors informed. Best wishes, Linda Curtis, Independent Texans

  2. I am so happy that I found this website.

    I am writing an article about Julia Trigg Crawford’s fight against TransCanada. I find it repugnant that a foreign company could come onto private property, claiming first eminent domain, than condemning the land it intended to use for laying of the pipeline. Could the US do that in Canada? Could we do that in the middle-east?

    I also am very weary of partisanship. It has taken over the rights and liberties of American’s. My representatives don’t care about my needs or wants for America. They don’t care about ecology, education, knowing what we feed ourselves, our family members and even our pets.

    I care about so much that this government doesn’t seem to care about at all. And, it’s bad here in Texas, too. I fought binding arbitration in 2002 in Austin. Now, that horrid legislative vote, that my representative said she was against than voted for it, has trickled up to all US contracts.

    I am an advocate. And, I’m not afraid to raise my voice.


  3. I’m looking to put my name on the ballot for office of the Governor. I have a lot of support in West Texas. I have an economic plan that will impprove Texas employment. I have a security strategy that will protect our borders. Win or lose the next race i will continue to run. If the pary is looking for a candidate I would like to put my name in. Either way I will be on the ballot. Please call me 432-266-7700

  4. wow, not sure if an independent group in Texas carries my thinking, I’m sure its right leaning.
    here is where Im am as Texas independent
    #1 all people accepting welfare will be subject to random drug testing. #2 get off the religious bullshit about abortion and gay marriage, let people live their lives as they want, get out of their bedrooms. #3 close our borders, PERIOD!!! the party in texas as of now are all for closing our borders but for the last 30-50 years have looked the other way because their biggest backers are reliant on illegals ie: home builders/road builders etc. #4 open texas up for casino gambling. LOOK around, border states are republican as well as Texas, hum, someone in Texas is making money here. #5 refund schools, as they should be, oversite on the Texas lottery is lacking, the original deal with getting lottery in the state was to help fund schools, there is way to much corruption going on (I believe) in this program. I HAVE A FEW MORE IDEAS , LET ME KNOW IF I INTEREST YOU IN YOUR PARTY

  5. Texas needs a native Texan, who has some type of federal government experience, as a senator. Unfortunately, many voters have been brainwashed into thinking the Republican Party is the way to vote. Keeping the environment clean is best for everyone’s health and just the right thing to do for current and future Texans.

    After living decades near petrochemical plants that emit pollutants has caused cancers to family members. Some people may say they’d rather have cancer and a job than no cancer and no job. When a person gets cancer that person won’t have a job for long and certainly will not enjoy life.

    Many politicians, especially those who come to Texas just to get elected, don’t care about us or our state. That’s a big problem now since there’s we have a Canadian representing us as a Senate member. In 2013 that person pushed partisanship and wasted about $24 billion by reading a Dr. Seuss book. Naturally, the senator claimed that this didn’t happen but the truth is on record. This person also claimed he is not Hispanic.

    Texans who are truly devoted to our state have the understanding that we are a mixture of Latinoes, blacks, natives, Anglos, and a small number of others with various cultural ties.
    No one should act ashamed of their descent. It makes you uncertain as to what else such a person claims about his or her connections to voters, residents, and/or citizens that are supposed to represented and protected. The persons in the senate should be those who have lived in Texas and know the connection between Latinoes and Anglos since they are the most populous groups in our state.

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