Sign the Petition Letter for Texas Hearings on TransCanada/Keystone XL Pipeline!

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There is a growing call for public hearings from  Texas landowners and residents in NE Texas who are facing potential eminent domain seizures of their land for the Keystone XL/TransCanada pipeline.  The following organizations are doing this together:  Independent Texans, We Texans, Texans for Accountable Government, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom.

Please sign this petition/letter to State Representative and Chair of the Land and Resource Management Committee, Rene Oliveira, committee Vice-Chair, Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt and Texas House Speaker, Rep. Joe Straus.

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26 thoughts on “Sign the Petition Letter for Texas Hearings on TransCanada/Keystone XL Pipeline!

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  2. Until I read about this, I thought the Nazis had been defeated in 1945 ‘way over there in Germany, but obviously they have arrived in Texas by way of Canada. And the Texas Legislature is helping in this Property Rights Murder by playing sweet music to quell the concerns of the victims as they are led to the gas chambers . . .

  3. The senator from Texas,Mr Cornyn, is for this pipeline, so he should be kicked out of office the next time he comes up for election.

  4. There should a compromise that can be worked out that is fair and respects the water rights this Texas has on her own land. When an individual’s rights are violated with the simple check on a faceless form, we are no longer living the America that is the Land of the Free. Please work to get to a reasonable solution.

  5. Good luck to you. Someone has to stand up to big oil and their tentacles. People in other states are being brave, too. Keep up the struggle.

  6. Greetings U.S
    Here in Vancouver, Canada many of us are taking up our own battle in non-agreement with ths pipeline. You do not stand alone. It is most grievous, alarming and poposterous to continue to stand in agreement with large industry corporations just ploughing over, through and under the environment. Once our environmt is damaged nd-or gone… And it WILL BE… We don’t get it back. When it’s gone, that’s it. I’m cheering you on from up north here. Stand firm. Be more stubborn than them. Fight fight fight for your rights. Forget what you are told and asked to believe in your head. It is your heart that knows the truth deep down. Research “seventh generation” principle. Bless you in your strength and conviction.

  7. Julia,
    You are my new hero! I am so glad to call myself a Texan (born and raised) because of you. Our beautiful land is so precious. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  8. I was not born in Texas, but moved to GREAT state 35 years ago. It is dishearting to see the government not protecting property rights of citizens. My best to your legal fight with Transcanada. I will watch with great interest.

  9. Ihad noidea this had gone this far until reading today’s article in the Dallas News. When people talk about our freedoms being taken away bit by bit we can see that it affects both sides of the political system and it shouldn’t affect either. President Obama at least understands the danger of this pipeline and stopped it temporarily over the Oglalla Aquifer…so I still wonder why if they need it so much they dont move it to the west??? However, it is still 100% wrong to “condemn” land for foreign interests. I am forwarding this to a friend who writes a magazine in Nevada called “Range”….her articles are often about just this sort of thing.

  10. Julia,
    We read the article of your struggle in the Dallas paper today. Thanks for all your hard work as it will benefit other landowners in similar situations. We are facing the same thing on our land. They have just started surveying. We are getting a new pipeline and have heard the old 35 yr. old line will be repurposed to carry tar sands crude oil. We are facing a legal battle as my husband will never cooperate. Our land has been in his family since the 1800’s.
    Thanks again and good luck.

  11. I agree with Julia. Texans (like myself) should be able to determine who places a pipeline above or below our land. I am almost 80 years old, and have lived in Texas most of my life. I believe it is time for Texans to “reclaim” our rights. The right to hold property is a number one right.

  12. Thank you Annabell, Jane, Patrick, Linda and the hundreds of people who have been contacting the organizations involved in this landmark case that the Crawfords have been courageous enough to do. If you do not get the emails from us, please sign up to get them at IndyTexans.org or sign up on our facebook page. You can also give to the Crawford Defense fund at standwithjulia.com. Linda Curtis, Independent Texans

  13. We are also involved in this horrendous experience. Our 110 acre farm north of Dallas which we’ve owned for 30 years has the old Seaway pipeline. Survey crews came onto the property when we were out of town despite No Trespassing signs. They had to climb over a fence. My neighbor called and we told the survey guy to get off our land, even called the sheriff who went out but could do nothing (isn’t that great?) They finished staking for the new pipeline. We will now get involved with lawyers and spend money to fight to retain our rights and resist the taking of any part of our land. All Texans and the rest of the U.S. should stand together, contact their reps in congress, sign petitions, make noise.

  14. Im from Canada and i am so proud of the Crawfords and all their supporters.
    Yes ….in Canada they have blasted ordinary joes for standing up in Canada over the oil sands development too. Persons and organisations have been labelled as socialists/radicals and anti canadian for speaking up against Haper and his connected interests from Alberta Canada and the oil barons.
    If i was in Texas i can assure you that i would be doing more for Texas but i am not from Texas. Harper and his gang have even labelled Canadians as para terrorists if they are against big oil. Be prepared for the same treatment in Texas and the other states involved in this keystone nonsence. I can assure Texans that Harper will lose the next election here federally. That will not be until 2015 so do not let a hand down as Canadians and Americans have a way to go yet. I will tell you somethng that Canadians are worried about and we believe that Obama will ok the Keystone project as soon as the American presidential elctions are over with in November 2012…same with Romney.

  15. I am a Canadian and regardless what country your in NO COMPANY SHOULD JUST TAKE A LAND FROM A PERSON who has been paying their fair taxes and such or has been in the family for years, generations. I am a ashame of the pipeline pushing the economic value and job creation over environmental, spiritual rights (First Nations), and most of all the families rights..at least the other 2 firms seen the effects and was a responsible corporation and made choices to reflect all concerns and benefits..I wish you well on your fight and hoped the pipline company will see its more festible to reroute the pipeline and be a better corporate and community partner..why not.. every other company is.

  16. I am Canadian Born, so I read here above person saying the Canadian Prime Minister Harper using the words “para terrorists”, terror is a Latin word, and I do not appreciate people misuse or change the original words meanings or any other ancient words, this must come to an end.

    Strange is the new route to go underneath the creek, rediculous, or any person land, including Canada or else.

  17. As a fellow Texas rancher with deep ties to my land, which I purchased with my own hard earned money and work with my own hands and sweat, I am vehemently opposed to Eminent Domain for private purposes. It’s not what Texas stands for!

  18. Julia,

    Continue to fight the good fight. I joined landowners in this area against the Trans Texas Corridor, and your circumstances are much like what was pending for them. The odds seemed insurmountable, but ultimately the “small guys” won the day. I wish you success.

  19. Dear Julia, best of luck to you and your family. May you have the strength to fight the greed and protect our environment! I am sorry for what Canadian oil companies stand for today. I used to live in West Canada decades ago. It was a different world. I hope First Nations in Canada and environmentalists could add some help to your honorable cause. God be with you!

  20. Information on Joint coordination for efforts to stop building on seized passage ways can be found on our site and links. Our facebook efforts try to bring everyone together.

    When BIG OIL and other illegal trespassing agents such as MOnsanto etc. come around, we help join everyone together physically to use force as needed for the protection of land owners.


  21. I want you to know that I truly believe in your fight against the powers that be. I am a freelance photographer following a similar story here in China, (if you can believe it). Land grab by the rich and powerful to enrich the few at the expense of the many. I would like to hear more about your story.

  22. 175 years ago, a small but very brave (and certainly afraid) group of (then) Mexican citizens stood up against tyrrany in the small hamlet of Goliad. They were defeated, but only briefly, and what they sparked soon raged into uncontrolled wildfire!

    Texas was founded upon the principle of real justice, doing what most folks consider to be right and fair. Standing behind a bureaucratic petticoat of process and procedure does not forward justice, nor foster anything right or fair. When given simple reminders and clear guidance, people are just and fair… this is not just about “rights”, but what is “right”.

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