A Daughter of Texas Needs Our Help

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A daughter of Texas needs out help

A daughter of Texas is standing up to a foreign corporation that has come to take her land by force.

Julia Trigg Crawford manages the farm her grandfather bought in 1948 near Direct, TX south of the Red River. Last year a Canadian pipeline company called TransCanada told Julia Trigg and her family that a portion of their land would be taken by eminent domain so that the Keystone XL pipeline could be built across it.

Join us at a hearing in Austin on Monday July 23rd at 10 a.m. in Room E2.012 to demand that Texas legislators protect private property. (For more details email contact@wetexans.com)

You have the power to stand with Julia Trigg and to tell elected officials that private foreign corporations should NOT be able to take private property from its rightful owner.

Julia Trigg will face off with TransCanada in court next month. But right now the Land & Resource Management Committee of the Texas House of Representatives is getting ready to meet and discuss what steps our legislature should take to protect landowners.

While this is a positive step, the pipeline industry will be working to convince members of the committee and other legislators they should be given broad powers to take land from private citizens.

Legislators need to hear from you – let them know that pipeline companies have been abusing eminent domain for far too long and Texans aren’t going to stand for it any longer.

Did you know that until last year pipeline companies in Texas could take private property without ANY oversight whatsoever? If a pipeline company claimed it had the right to use eminent domain there was nothing a landowner could do except wait for the land to be taken and then file a lawsuit. Very few property owners have the resources to fight a legal battle with major pipeline companies, so the pipelines almost always won out-of-court settlements that allowed them to take the land.

But in 2011 the Texas Supreme Court struck down this abusive practice in the landmark Texas Rice Land Partners v. Denbury Green Pipelines decision. The court seemed appalled that this was going on, saying “Private property cannot be imperiled with such nonchalance, via an irrefutable presumption created by checking a certain box on a one-page government form. Our Constitution demands far more.”

Join us in Austin, make your voices heard, and let’s give power back to property owners! (Again, for more details email contact@wetexans.com)

As always, thank you for your support!


12 thoughts on “A Daughter of Texas Needs Our Help

  1. Little by little, all our rights are being taken away by this run-away government. Please help this gal by insuring she keeps all her property.

  2. They are not taking land they are burying a pipe and the landowner is compensated if above ground equipment is used. Pipes run all over this state and all of them are not seen. We have water pipes, gas pipes and electric lines running under our property. Farmers you have know Idea of what you are talking about. Pipe lines are necessary unless you want us to go back 150 years. Near my home there is an oil pipe line that goes from Houston to California and supply’s the whole country along the way. It does not bother anyone. Do you scream when an oil well is dug on your neighbors property and removes oil from your land? Me thinks it is just griping for no good reason.

  3. @Thorn

    They are taking land. This is not a utility pipeline, it’s a large oil pipeline that will stay above ground. It will likely take up a large portion of her land because it will run all the way through it and require a fenced perimeter. Shut the fuck up you piece of shit. Stand up for other people you tired old piece of government programmed trash.

  4. Dear Thorn in the Side, TransCanada, a foreign, private, for profit corporation took people’s land for their Trojan Pipeline under the false guise of common carrier/ for the public good. TransCanada bullied landowners, threatened them with court proceedings, cajoled them under false pretenses, etc….all so they could get the DilBit to Texas refineries for tax free export. BTW Texas is not full of pipelines that carry tar sands, AKA diluted bitumen (DilBit). The Tar Sands Barons intentionally try to mislead, deceive and hoodwink the public, elected officials and regulatory agencies that DilBit is the same as crude and refuse to disclose the chemical composition of the chemicals used to dilute the bitumen so that it can be transported via pipeline. A crude pipeline is not the same as a DilBit pipeline because crude is not the same. Operating conditions are completely different. Also crude is different from DilBit from a chemical, physical and toxicological aspect. As for pipelines not bothering anyone I call to your attention the 14 TransCanada Keystone 1 spills and the Enbridge Michigan1.1 million gallon Tar Sands Spill that bothered a lot of people it ruined their communities and their health. Since DilBit is not the same as crude when DilBit spills it separates into the bitumen which sinks in water and into the diluent which vaporizes and exposes the public to many toxic and carcinogenic substances such as benzene. The Michigan Tar Sands spill resulted in the largest fine ever for an oil spill $3.7 million dollars and a report from the NTSB that characterized Enbridge corporate safety culture and control room operations as Keystone Kops. So Thorn you are off base when you state ” griping for no good reason”.
    Texas farmers and ranchers have done their homework. They are well informed. They don’t want Tar Sands Pipelines on their land because it’s not the same as Texas Sweet Crude. They are not griping they are merely telling the truth and protecting their families and land from a toxic tar sands spill like the one that happened in Michigan.

  5. This is not a “government gone crazy” issue. This is the original “conservative” political issue: individual property rights, as in “search & seizure”. The problem is that the definition of eminent domain has been very loose lately – the TX Supreme Court is constitutionally correct, at both state and Federal levels, by reining in loose use of the term for a purely commercial enterprise that has no lasting public benefit. The pipeline company and other witnesses at the hearing will try to make the case that pipelines of all nature (and other commercial land-grabs) are for the public good,and,therefore, fall under eminent domain legal precedent. We cannot be distracted by promises of temporary construction jobs and the “benefits” of a tax-free terminal/refining operation. The REAL question is,”What is eminent domain in Texas and how may it used to force a landowner to sell or lease?”

    This is both a liberal and conservative issue, which makes it an independent issue. Our responsibility as Texas citizens is to convince the LRM Committee and the Legislature as a whole that eminent domain must be re-defined by statute. The circumstances under which land owners must sell or lease for public good must be sharply re-defined and codified. In addition, we need a comprehensive law that allows landowners injunction power to stop land-grabs while the circumstances are under review.

    However, a few new laws or amendments to existing laws will not be enough. To encourage capital projects in Texas, as well as protect farm and ranch legacies, we must have a review board that is independent and gutsy enough to make the tough calls when the definition of “public good” is under question.

  6. Two years on, and they are still cleaning up the tar sands oil spill in the Kalamazoo River. This is not Texas crude, it is more like liquid asphalt and here we are talking about the Red River watershed.

  7. The Fort Worth weekly had a good article about this “check box” process back in Jan. http://www.fwweekly.com/2012/01/25/dont-drink-the-water/

    The responses I’ve gotten from Perry, Hutchinson, and Cornyn all ring of big oil funding their campaigns. All the “big” 200 or so temporary jobs Keystone XL will bring at the cost of seizing land, contaminating water supplies, and destroying ecological environments. Texas has become a prime example of corrupt politics.

  8. A number of you have asked about how this is happening since President Obama supposedly had blocked this pipeline. Here’s the real deal:

    Still the same pipeline and purpose only the names have changed….

    Obama denied the Keystone XL Pipeline on 1/18/12. On that same day he vowed to build a pipeline from Cushing OK to the Texas Refineries. TransCanada segmented it’s failed Keystone XL Pipeline into 2 segments – the Northern, transborder Keystone XL segment from Alberta to Steele City, NE and the Southern, Gulf Coast Pipeline Segment. On March 22, 2012, President Obama issued a memorandum and executive order to federal agencies to expedite the review of the Gulf Coast southern segment. The Army Corp of Engineers has proceeded with the Presidentially mandated rubber stamp, completely non-transparent approval of the Gulf Coast Pipeline permits from the Galveston and Tulsa Districts with the Ft Worth District approval due date running out on August 8, 2012.

    On May 4, 2012, the State Department confirmed that TransCanada had submitted it’s re-application to the agency for the permit to build the northern, transborder segment of the Keystone XL.

    In the end it’s still the same pipeline for the same purpose to transport and deliver tar sands to Texas Gulf coast Refineries.

  9. I can’t be there in person, but I stand with our sister Julie Crawford in her fight to keep Keystone from STEALING any part of her property. NO IMMINENT DOMAIN PROPERTY GRAB FOR CORPORATE GREED! NO IMMINENT DOMAIN PROPERTY GRAB FOR CORPORATE GREED!

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