Important Updates!

* We hope to see you in Paris, Texas on Friday, August 10th at 9 a.m., for Julia Trigg Crawford’s VERY important trial with TransCanada.  If you want to ride with folks, please use the comments section below to hook up with others who may be coming in from across Texas.

* If you live in or near Bastrop, I hope to see you a fun and entertaining charity event for a local alternative school — the Bastrop Academy — on Sunday, August 5th. (Feel free to purchase a ticket or two — only $10 — to help out, and it’s tax deductible.)

* Last, there’s a very important water hearing in Milano that Environmental Stewardship is asking us to attend related to a 25,000 acre feet per year permit for which Alcoa has applied.  Read all about it here.

 Coverage of Property Rights Hearing in Austin, Monday, July 23

YNN News Video Coverage–debate-back-before-lawmakers

Pipelines unhappy with Texas eminent domain ruling

Legislators hone question of eminent domain

Eminent domain topic of subcommittee hearing

Landowners want clarification of state law, protections

AP My San Antonio

Pipelines unhappy with Texas eminent domain ruling

AP Houston Chronicle

Pipelines unhappy with Texas eminent domain ruling


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  • Steve Royal:


    I attended the Keystone XL hearing at the State Capitol on July 23, 2012 where I heard and saw Julia Crawford testify about her fight with TransCanada trying to build their foreign pipeline across her 650 acre ranch. I would like to be able to ride to Paris, TX from Austin, TX on August 10 to witness her trial at the courthouse. Would someone like to have me for a rider on that day? Please let me know if you can.
    Thank You,

    Steve Royal

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