Julia Trigg Crawford Trial Update

Just a quick update to share with you about our trip to Paris, Texas for Julia Trigg Crawford’s hearing on TransCanada and eminent domain.

The judge will rule in the next 1-2 weeks.
The link below will take you to an article an article in the Longview News.
We will keep you informed as the trial progresses AND there are town hall meetings throughout the state on this important issue.
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6 Responses to “Julia Trigg Crawford Trial Update”

  • Vincent Cammareri:

    Linda, Thanks for the update. There was a lightning caused pipeline fire and evacuation in Port Acres on July 21, a liquor store also burned; of course it is the sweet smell of money to that area. -Vince

  • myfe moore:

    bravo! and thank you for keeping me informed. we fought the CPSE power line and lost…they ruined our part of the hill country, and they continue to march on…..now, they’re installing sub-stations. they are relentless and powerful and we are exhausted.
    bravo for your noble fight! myfe moore

  • Jon Emery:

    Thanks for the update, Linda. I was honored to donate $100 a while back because I believe that NO ONE has a right to grab someones land for ANY reason–This smacks of the same BS

  • Jon Emery:

    that the railroads did in the 19th century when they land grabbed across the US—Bottom line is THEY HAVE NO RIGHT__JE

  • My thanks to everyone who has put time, effort and money
    towards this more than worthy cause
    while I have been unable to donate.
    This will change in the near future. I only
    hope I don’t arrive too late. CLAIRE

  • ljcurtis:

    Hello Claire — thanks for chiming in. We have just begun to fight! And, yes, we need funds to fight outside the courtroom, specifically for organizing across this region of the state.

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