No Eminent Domain for Private Gain Town Hall(s)!

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Whether you can get to this important event on November 7th, in Cuero, Texas, please pass this on through your networks and call your State Representative and State Senator.  Ask them to hold a similar town hall where you live to help reform eminent domain in Texas.  They can’t have it both ways.  They can’t say they support property rights but give pipeline operators a blank check, as is the common practice by the Texas Railroad Commission and most of our state officials.

Click here for the details on the Cuero, Texas Town Hall on Wednesday, November 7, 920 East Broadway Street: Cuero Town Hall

You might want to read this excellent article in today’s American Free Press.

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Debra Medina, We Texans
Terri Hall, Texans United for Reform and Freedom
Linda Curtis, Independent Texans



3 thoughts on “No Eminent Domain for Private Gain Town Hall(s)!

  1. Trans Canada are requesting water usage from the Sulphur River with a hearing to be held soon. (They rescinded a request for water from Red River just a few weeks ago.) Another avenue for delaying the pipeline? Sorry I don’t have specific info on the hearing at this moment…

  2. Please keep us informed. Water is, in itself, a huge problem now in Texas, but most state leaders turn their heads or are just plain clueless. You might watch our videos on YouTube (go to our front page at IndyTexans.org and click on the YouTube menu item. The introduction done at our Water Wars Conference last year by Brian Rodgers is riveting.

  3. There are so many things about this pipeline and the way it is being handled that make me unable to support it. And using eminent domain is ludicrous. Eminent domain is supposed to be used to seize property for a project that benefits the public and that has been what I hear over and over again by those who defend it. But, I watched on C-SPAN when a senator asked the Keystone representative testifying before the committee why the company had not promised to keep the oil they planned to send through the pipeline in the United States. The representative finally stated, his company “could not commit” to that request. The senator asked, could not or would not. He would not answer and it was plain to me that the issue of supporting their project because it would provide a friendly source of oil to our country instead relying so heavily on the Middle East, had no foundation. Now using eminent domain to take private property to build a pipeline that again will only transport oil out of this country. Hogwash.

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