Red Alert: Take a Stand, Two Meetings – BE THERE!


We all know that water profiteers have had their eyes on the Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer, underlying Bastrop and Lee counties, for some time now. (Make sure you’ve read our media release here.)

Last week the Texas House passed HB 4, lining up $2B from the Rainy Day Fund to fund pipelines to move water around the state, despite the House analysis stating that not enough money was allocated to conservation!  (More soon on this topic.)

Please come to these two urgently important meetings — the Independent Texans strategy meeting in Giddings on Monday, April 8th, 6 pm, Giddings Library (map here) — AND the hearing in Giddings on Wednesday, April 17th, 6 pm, Giddings City Hall (map here) — bring a lawn chair! 

Click on and Share this flier about these meetings.

Your Action Plan:  1.  Come to both meetings/invite your neighbors, 2.  Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, including the Austin American-Statesman, 3.  Spread the word!

Please share the flier or use the share button on this site and share through Facebook/social networking.  If you want hard copies of the flier below, call us at 512-535-0989.

We also need volunteers — call us!

Independent Texans will lay out for you, at the April 8th meeting, a number of options for fighting this.  Therefore, this meeting is critical to success on the 17th.

As we have said, we all need water.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul is madness.

Please watch your emails for more this week.  If you do not receive our emails, click on the link just before our logo on the top right hand side of this page and sign up.

Thank you Texas!


2 thoughts on “Red Alert: Take a Stand, Two Meetings – BE THERE!

  1. For Linda:
    Alyssa Burgin sent me the info Re your struggle for respect for water (quality and quantity) in Lee County. I work in the area of Dewitt/Karnes/Gonzales counties of the Eagle Ford Shale, as an “independent stealth environmentalist” keeping an eye on drilling, fracking practices, calling in complaints, etc. and testifying at hearings, etc. I also visit prisons regularly in LaSalle County, another hotbed of water consumption and flaring as the drilling and plant construction moves ahead a lightening speed. As a bit of professional background, you can check out our congregation’s website Re the work we do. We are based in San Antonio. Our Sisters have made a commitment to the Earth Charter, pledging to work with others in the protection of our essential resources. As a personal note, my great-grandmother Ernestine Simmank was 16 years old when she was brought to Texas with her family on the Ben Nevis. they settled in Serbin, the Wendish settlement in Texas. She married Joaquem Sauer and when he died, married Karl August Rabe. Karl’s grave is the first one in the Freyburg First United Methodist Church Cemetery. My grandmother (Ernestine’s daughter) Selma Rabe married my grandfather, Charles J. Riebschlaeger. The lived in Moulton, Shiner, Runge and Nordheim in Lavaca, Karnes and Dewitt Counties. My Dad, CJ II, was a pharmacist and he and my mother operated Klecka Drug Co. in Cuero, where I grew up. I feel a deep sense of responsibility and stewardship for the care of our land and resources that they so carefully nurtured and left for us. Will be at the April 8 meeting and look forward to meeting you. Leadership against the tide in a rural community is rare, and tough, but very important. Thanks for doing this. I understand that one of the Simmank’s was County Judge in Lee County at one time, but have never met him. On my mother’s side, her grandfather is buried in the Fayetteville Cemetery: Frantisek Jan Spacek. Fayette County is home to me, and Lee County as well, since Serbin is in Lee County. Them’s my roots! Looking forward to the 8th.

  2. Sister Riebshlaeger, we really look forward to meeting you. Thank you so much for your lovely note and background. We can use those roots to grow some more grassroots efforts to protect our land and water — and political rights too! See you very soon and thank you again. Linda Curtis, Independent Texans

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