Conserve first, import later! Overflow of water subterfuge news!


As we are all becoming aware, there’s a “water war” underway in Lee and Bastrop counties that can set a precedent (good or bad) for the future of the exportation of groundwater from rural to urban Texas.  As citizens are fighting for their water, their land and livelihoods, down at the legislature water profiteers were all over the Natural Resources Committee in the House pushing two bills — HB 1796 by Rep. Jason Isaac, Hays & Blanco County Republican and HB 2740 by Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, Bexar County Democrat.  The purpose was to lock in their permits in perpetuity to no changes (reductions) of more than 5%!

These politicians and their lobbyist friends are setting up urban and rural citizens, not to mention entire families, to fight each other.

But we found one unifying theme across our the state and party lines.

           Conserve first, import later!    

HEAR YE, HEAR YE ALL!  Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District will hold TWO hearings next week in Giddings — on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Click here for all the details on the hearings and share this across the land!

What Can YOU DO?

We need you to send us your “water war” stories.  Did this happen to you? A water marketer shows up at your door and asks you to lease your water rights.  You say no.  Then he tells you, ‘we’ve got your neighbor’s lease, so we’re gonna get your water anyway.’

If this happened to you, are you willing to go on record?

Call us and plan to be at the meetings in Giddings next week to tell your story.

We’re planning a statewide FLOOD THE LEGISLATURE Call-in Day on Friday, April 19th.  Watch for details.

Lee and Bastrop Residents:

Thanks to the many people who came out to our preparation meeting last Monday at the Giddings Library — and the local papers who have printed our letters to the editors and the hospitality of the lovely ladies at the Giddings Library.

We’ve been hearing from many of you who went right out to talk to your neighbors, family and friends.  Please keep up the “buzz” — it’s working!

For those of you attending Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt’s Town Hall Meeting this coming Saturday, 7 pm, Lexington Memorial Park Building:  Rep. Kleinschmidt’s Chief of Staff, John Higgins, was indicted today, so have fun!  We’ve had our own dealings with Higgins who ran a scurrilous campaign in 2010 against Bastrop rancher Pati Jacobs who was running on a “conserve first, import later” message.
Spread the word — the people will be heard — next Wednesday and Thursday in Giddings.   More soon on plans to flood the legislature!


1 thought on “Conserve first, import later! Overflow of water subterfuge news!

  1. Here in Grayson & Fannin County we’ve already been relieved of all our rights to the water under our property—thanks to some maneuvering at the state capitol under the pretense of protecting Texas water supply from unscrupulous water companies many of the small towns that are already running out of water and are looking to future growth needs came up with the idea that water belongs to us all and that it DOES NOT belong to the property owner but needs to be FAIRLY used and distributed by the APPOINTED water board. They decided that any land owner especially rural ones that have wells because there is no city service in the outlying undeveloped areas and farmers and anyone who has a well should be charged to use the water coming from the wells they have already paid to have put in and also be charged to maintain those wells and pay a fee to report their usage to this board. So you no longer have free use of the water from your well on your property and the discussed fees and usage is being calculated per well and the minimum usage charges are being decided by this board—we are becoming a socialist country and the government is taking over in ways our forefathers would have never thought possible and our state legislatures are enabling this takeover of private property by pushing these things thru without making it a very public concern!! All pushed and completed by very inconspicuous notices in outlying areas when it should be a statewide discussion with hearings held on every news channel!!!

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