Call off the hogs! Legislative Update & Action & Bastrop/Lee Meeting Notice!

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What’s the difference between a feral hog and a water marketer?  The hog only wants what he can eat.

The Texas legislative session is down to the wire — May 27th is sine die (the last day of the session).  Will the legislature provide any protections at all for Texans and their land, water and roads?  Or will they fail us again, like so many times before?

Let’s just spell it out for them and see if they can get their priorities in order these last few weeks.

ON WATER:  Tell your legislator that you want protections for aquifers and landowners living over them.  House Bill 3250 should move out of the Natural Resources Committee NOW!  Everyone — including “Big Ag” and Big Cities — needs to conserve now, before they move water and drain rural Texas dry.  Click here for details.

ON EMINENT DOMAIN/PIPELINE REFORM:  Read this, just in from Debra Medina and We Texans — then, call the Calendars Committee about this eminent domain reform bill.  If all the lege can do to reform the Railroad Commission is a name change, they should all be put to pasture with the feral hogs!

ON PROTECTING SMALL FARMERS:  Read this, just in from Judith McGeary and Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance — stop the despicable attempts by agribusiness to crush their small farmer competitors with these absurd regulations!  No matter where you live in Texas, call your Texas House and Texas Senate members now!!!

ON ROADS:  Boy howdy, hallejuah, State Senator Eltife has been honest with us about road funding.  He says we need to go back to pay as you go and ask the citizens for tax money — and stop hiding it in mountains of debt.  Read this!  

Will the legislature put a plan to move $5.7 billion from the Rainy Day Fund on the ballot in November for roads, water infrastructure (including pipelines to move our groundwater) and a pittance to public education?

This should just about make everyone’s day for the 2014 statewide election.

Keep calling y’all!

BASTROP/LEE COUNTY MEETING NOTICE:   Independent Texans will hold an important strategy meeting for Lee and Bastrop County residents on Wednesday, May 8th, 6-7:30 pm at the First National Bank in Elgin, 1312 US 290, map here.


1 thought on “Call off the hogs! Legislative Update & Action & Bastrop/Lee Meeting Notice!

  1. This is so important, many lands and springs are going to be ruined in East Texas for a foreign corporation (TransCanada) that has paid off our politicians and judges with stock in their company and other means, to look the other way and allow TransCanada to steal land to bury their pipeline. All the way thrugh America and now in Texas the land and values have plummeted. The Rail Road Commission just screwed our citizen’s lifetime of work, for a foreign companies gain. This pipeline will continue to burst at their pump stations due to the pressure in the line. This will only increase the cancer causing toxins of Bitumen to not only kill our Gulf of Mexico and it’s wildlife, now our food chain. Fine earth we will leave our children and their children.

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