Kleinschmidt Running for his Political Life


State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt apparently believes he can sell out his constituents’ water rights and still get reelected.  He has declared he’s running for reelection, though we think it might be for his political life.  We count six times he uses the word “conservative” — in four sentences.  What does the word “conservative” mean to you?  Please comment at the end of this post after you read his letter here:  Kleinschmidt Runs Again.


6 thoughts on “Kleinschmidt Running for his Political Life

  1. Conservative means to me that you conserve precious resources — whether it’s land, water or love. You don’t just throw it around like it means nothing to you — and you certainly don’t covet thy neighbors land, water or love!

  2. He’s conservative because he passes everything off as a federal issue. Every letter I sent, he replied it was a federal issue. Even the gambling letter.

  3. A true conservative would not support taking private property to make it available for the profit of a corporation. A true conservative would “conserve” our natural heritage. A true conservative would serve “we the people,” not just the big corporations! We need to get rid of these politicians who constantly sell out to the highest bidder!

  4. Catering to corporations over individuals is not conservative. Upholding your oath to adhere to and defend the State and National constitution protecting individual rights is. Get with the program Tim or go back to the private sector!

  5. you will not be voted for again and the citizens will be mobilized, we are not stupid, you will not sell our water rights out. go back to lawyering

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