Abortion: what really happened last night, for true indepedents that is

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With due respect to both sides of the truly out-of-control scene last night on the floor of the Texas Senate, we wonder why no one on either side bothered to ask this question:  Can we agree on the abortion issue?  We all know that we cannot.  Moreover, we independents know the reason we cannot is because it’s none of the government’s business!

So why did the Governor and Lt. Governor agree that abortion should be the subject of a Special Session?  To state the obvious, it’s about the 2014 mid-term election where all statewide offices, all Texas House members, many Texas Senate seats and County Commission seats, and more, will be up for grabs.*

The Texas abortion brouhaha took place on the very same day of the US Supreme Court decision to dismantle the “preclearance” provisions of the Voting Rights Act.  (That means that voting system changes no longer have to be pre-approved, prior to their implementation, by the US Justice Department in areas of the country with a history of discriminatory voting practices.)  The Court’s ruling, together with the Governor’s and Lt. Governor’s abortion antics, underscore the need to get the parties out of the business of determining our voting systems.  This is especially true of redistricting – hello!

The only solution is to have a citizens takeover of the electoral system, starting with the redistricting process, like the one Austin voters won at the ballot last November.  (More here at TrustAustin.org).

Yes, obviously, each side is revving up their partisans to do battle with the other party.  It’s not a conspiracy (other than the Governor’s and Lt. Governor’s perhaps), it’s just what parties do.  Note:  Terri Hall of Texas TURF, wisely pointed out that in the midst of all the bedlam over abortion, what didn’t get to the table in the Special Session that ended at midnight last night was an actual solution to our road funding problem! After ten years of fighting about it, this is a big deal, folks. Read this piece by Terri Hall here.

The press reported there was more collegiality and consensus building that took place in the regular session..  We do not doubt that.  But we would ask for what purpose?  They did not resolve the state’s water and land crisis.  Throwing $2B at the water problem, for projects set to squander water (through reservoirs and moving groundwater to the growth corridors) is will crush already fragile independent agriculture and landowners.  Luckily, we get a chance to vote on it in November.

The TransCanadian pipeline, carrying toxic tar sands that will traverse critical water supply and towns not yet prepared for potential spills, is set to be up and running in early 2014.  Fracking is using potable water in areas of the state where there is no water.  Texas towns are running out of water.  Growth (500 people are moving to Texas per day) and the dominance of the real estate industry are killing affordability in our big cities and pitting urban against rural for our resources.

Now we have another session with abortion at the top of the Call, and the parties are getting set for another deadly battle where there’s no winning for ordinary citizens — pro-choice, pro-life or whatever your beliefs.  Now ain’t that special?  The Republican majority will ram a likely unconstitutional new abortion law on Texas.  They will beat their chests and tie up the courts (there’s your “tort reform”) and use it to refocus as many voters as they can swindle away from the impending crisis of land, water and growing poverty.

The bottom line:  Job creation in Texas cannot keep up with the crisis underway because the costs of our unnatural growth will never catch up.  (If you want to understand this in just one Texas city, go to CostofGrowth.com, a site created by a whistle-blower real estate develper, Brian Rodgers.)

We must come together — as a people — to bring this agenda into the upcoming election.  We can start by defeating the constitutional water amendment that will be on this November’s statewide ballot.

You can help by volunteering some time and sending us those nickels and dimes to help us put on a conference about all of the above in Bastrop in the fall.  Thank you so much to those who contributed last week.

We’d really like to know what you think.  Share your thoughts in the comments section below, please and thank you!

  * Independent Texans does not engage in Congressional races, though all will be up or reelection, because the districts are so gerrymandered (and therefore, uncompetitive), so far it’s been mostly a waste of our limited time and resources.



13 thoughts on “Abortion: what really happened last night, for true indepedents that is

  1. Linda,
    I agree with your comments. Keep up the good work!
    Stephen (New Braunfels)

  2. When a baby can be aborted at 20 weeks it is the governments business.

    Plus you need to show a id when you vote. Not asking to much . It is not a racial thing or a age thing or anything to do with keeping someone from voting. It is about fraud. Our county commissioner who is black said on TV………….White people cannot get over black folk voting.

    We are way past that ………….way past

  3. You said, “. . . the reason we cannot (agree on abortion) is because it’s none of the government’s business.”
    The only valid function of government is the protection of our rights. When our rights are enumerated invariably the first in the list is “life”. If it is more important that the government protect one life more than others it would be the life of those who are least able to defend themselves, children. So not only is it the government’s business, it is arguably the government’s most important business.

  4. The debacle last night at the leg. just shows how bent on self destruction this legislature has become. I was honored to be there to see how some stood with Sen. Davis in her challenge to the attempt to force unpopular legislation on the obvious will of the people. It does raise the question of if it is time for Independents to take the field in support of the issues that face Texans and that must be addressed now-not some distant date in the future. I as a confirmed Democrat believe we must ban together to address those problems before it becomes too late to be effective in solving those problems. The issue of education of our children is a prime example of the failure of our elected legislators. Clearly, more “testing” proves nothing about how effective a teacher has been with his/her students. Let’s put the issue of teaching in the hands of those most qualified to judge the progress of education–professional educators, not politicians and test salesmen.

  5. The right to life is as much a right of a woman as a fetus and because the fetus is dependent upon the female to sustain its life, it is not about the right to life, but whether a woman must be held captive by an unwanted child. You split hairs stating it is the most vulnerable, because when women die because they cannot get an abortion the state has murdered that woman.

    Every child deserves to be wanted. 20 weeks is not sustainable outside the womb so it is not yet viable “life”

  6. Thanks for pointing out (what should be) the obvious: Pol’s deliberate focus on issues (i.e.,abortion, gay marriage, & similar so-called ‘social issues’) that divide helps distract Public attention from issues of common concern/impact unquestionably affecting us all – economic, environment/related: ‘How’s our tax money spent?’ & ‘Who’s poisoning us?’ Similar economic & social abuses by the’ Establishment’ in the past resulted in reforms &, even before mid-20th Century’s Civil Rights ‘Movement’, formation of the Progressive Populist Party & its agrarian reform struggle of the 1880-90’s had a significant impact.-

  7. No politician, or other person has any rights to force a woman to have an abortion or not have an abortion. That right belongs to the woman and the woman alone. When politicians cross that line, they begin to act Napoleonic and forcing women to carry to term any child is barbaric at the very least. These acts are chauvinistic and male-dominant is views and perspectives. It’s about the 2014 mid-term election where all statewide offices, all Texas House members, many Texas Senate seats and County Commission seats, and more, will be up for grabs. This up-coming 2014 election in Texas is extremely important to taking the state BLUE! A concerted effort to bring women, blacks, Hispanics/Latinos and other oppressed people of color to the voting booth to clean out the combative and divisive elements in Austin. Don’t just scream and holler and write on blogs or newspaper, get involved and get even! Get registered – Vote- get out the vote! Do not let other make decisions for you. Your vote means more today than ever before! Don’t just scream and holler – Get registered and get even – Vote- get out the vote! Repeat often every election cycle! The 2014 Mid-term is a-coming! As is 2016, and 2018! V.O.T.E.(Vote Out The Encumberance)

  8. The perspective I have is that this more about whether our government should be by and for the people including how elections are conducted and how gov works to welcome the input of the people and about whether the governments power and resources are allowed to be taken away from the people to control and harm the people for the private benefit of leaders and their friends or whether people can hold leaders accountable to respect the people minimize expense and risk to people and work for the people. It has more to do with these basic things and so do the big political divides between the two big parties. Independents whether you like it or not either influence our elections toward the election of one of the big parties and the big difference between those parties is not big vs little gov and is not economic philosophy of being liberal or conservative but about whether leaders are allowed to prostitute their positions and power and gov money for their own greed at the expense of the people. please choose carefully because that is the reality no matter how much any party claims the high ground on any other issue those issues pale in comparison to what these politicians are really out to do, to either defend or corrupt a system of government by and for the people. This abortion bill would not give adequate assistance for a rape victim to get help a rape kit would not be avail to a girl in Elpaso the nearest one would be around 600 miles away and rape kits do not clean a woman out and prevent pregnancy as was said by the republican legislators. Until we clear up what kind of government we have we will not be able to address the very important jobs we need for our government to do regarding health and education and transportation and very important water quality and balancing water supply and demand without draining our aquifers and allowing private permit holders to limitlessly profit at draining our aquifers while making the public pay them back when their wells dry for amounts of water the aquifer never held under their land. What I saw was not bedlund and was not a bunch of unreasonable rowdy people it was people standing strong against legislators who were prostituting their positions for their own political gain, and dishonoring rules and laws and will of the people and at great risk and harm to the people they are supposed to serve. I appreciate you asking for me to share my perspective. I am voting for who ever is going to fight to keep this a government by and for the people, that has always been the Democrats and in doing so they are also the ones looking after the peoples rights, this law was not about saving babies and unwanted pregnancies because it does nothing to make sure birth control is available and does nothing to make sure that women really do have enough access to medical care. IT is more about keeping women down to have little influence on politics and very likely to result in more deaths of women and their babies than it would save.

  9. Oy! The Left meter has tilted on these comments! Independent this site is not it is a wolf in sheeps clothing for the Left! “Abortion brouhaha”, really, this is serious business a Life is at stake. Life begins at conception people! Hide behind poor rape victims and unwanted babies if you will but we are talking murder of a Human Life! Life is so precious and freely given to us by our Lord and Savior.
    Our laws should be in place to protect those rape victims by instantly arresting and place those that commit the crime to jail. To those of unwanted babies, shame on you for engageing in an act that could quite possibly cause a pregnancy and you are not adult enough to deal with the consequences. Quit hiding behind others for your cause you are not helping them but enabling them.
    My definition of Independent Texan is different than this site and i intended to sever ties with it.

  10. I agree with Linda/Independent Texans that personal business is not any level of government’s. Women’s autonomy over their own bodies is/ought to be a given. Here’s something readers might want to send to Perry, courtesy of Texas Freedom Network which advocates for excellent public education accessible for all.
    By now you’ve probably heard about Gov. Perry’s condescending attack on Sen. Wendy Davis yesterday. Calling attention to the fact that Sen. Davis is a former teen mom, the governor told a crowd of anti-abortion activists that “she hasn’t learned from her own example.”

    That’s rich, coming from the leader of a state that is a national embarrassment when it comes to teen pregnancy — a problem he has only made worse during his tenure by promoting failed abstinence-only sex education.

    As Sen. Davis has already pointed out, if the governor really wants to reduce abortions, he should support policies that give women the information they need to avoid unplanned pregnancies. That’s why the Texas Freedom Network is spearheading a campaign to call on the governor to add a new item to the special legislative session: addressing the state’s shameful teen pregnancy epidemic by implementing effective sex education programs.

    We’ve drafted a letter to the governor, but we need your help. Click here to add your name to the letter, and next week we’ll hand deliver it with your signature to Gov. Perry’s office.

    And we’ll also deliver a copy to Sen. Davis to show her that Texans from all over the state are supporting her.

    Val Benavidez
    Outreach Director
    Texas Freedom Network

  11. All — Thanks for your comments. They are proof, to me at least, that we cannot agree on this issue.

    And, while we’re all fighting about this, our land, water and small “d” democracy are at great risk.

    Isn’t that enough to get you into the same room together? It did when we defeated the Trans-Texas Corridor. Why not now?

    Don’t let this issue divide us on party lines, while both parties sell us out down the proverbial (dry) creek!

  12. Alright, I’d like to talk to my friends on both sides of the “pro choice”/”pro-life” debate and to those of you who just don’t care. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, so hear me out to the end of this post before you draw that conclusion concerning what I am saying.

    We are at a point much like the peasants just before the French Revolution. We are scrambling just to have bread and many of us have no bread, so we have been told by those in power, “”Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!” What we in America would translate as “Let them eat cake!” [Although “brioche” is in actuality just a rich bread instead of what we think of as cake today, but the point is the same.] This is a snarky comment by the elitists who run our country and the rest of the world who have no way of relating to the plight of “we the peasants” who are starving, but are beholden to do their bidding nonetheless, because we have no choice – they hold our lives and our livelihoods in their hands.

    Here’s where the conspiracy theory part comes in, so hold on while I get you through this before you throw up your hands and turn to something else. The elitist puppet masters in power who run the planet don’t really give a hoot about the abortion issue. It’s true. Just like they don’t really care about who wins the presidency of our country or any other nation on earth, because they will use whoever “we the peasants” put into power as they see fit. For them the abortion question is just another “hot button issue” technique used by them to divide us and keep us occupied. They have discovered that if they can keep us squabbling amongst ourselves over any and everything, they can quietly do whatever the heck they want to do and we will be so distracted by this and other issues that we will not notice. While we are at each other’s throats over whatever issue they have held up as a distraction, they figure out ways to circumvent us and pass legislation, or bypass our puny governments altogether, allowing themselves more power, more tax breaks, more, more, more of everything and we cannot stop them because we do not present a united front even although the sheer numbers are on our side. Look at the most recent banking and Wall Street fiascoes – we suffered and they walked away virtually unscathed to go on about their “business as usual” with no repercussions, barely a ripple on their gilded pond. “To big to fail” is not just a phrase coined to rally us – it is now a reality.

    It will not be until we unite as one people around the world so outraged by their conduct that we will be able to stop them. Whites, Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows, Mochas, Tans, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Deists, Pro Choice, Pro Life, Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Asexual, Northerner, Southerner, Redneck, Sophisticate, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Communist, Apathetic, Canadian, American, African, Australian, European, Asian, Hispanic – whatever “label” you have accepted or have allowed them to put on you – YOU HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THIS! Even more accurately, “WE THE PEOPLE” HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THIS! But it will not happen until we can reach across whatever artificial barriers divide us to unite against those in power.

    It’s a brilliant plan my friends and one they have executed with the finesse of a skilled surgeon. If you have not seen “The Hunger Games” then I suggest you see it. Over the next few years if we do not unite, we are headed for a future that looks much like that depicted in this movie. The gap between the elites and ourselves will widen and there will be no “middle class” – you will either be in power, you will be the hired enforcers of those in power, or you will be a peasant. Yes, class warfare exists and whether you like it or not, you are in the battle.

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