We have a hearing! August 12, 10 a.m., Bastrop Convention Center — y’all Bastrop and Lee County Folks Come!

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Remember when Aqua Water Supply filed a “contested case” challenge to the groundwater permit for 56,000 acre feet/year by EndOp, LC?  Remember when a number of landowners in Bastrop and Lee counties, as well as Environmental Stewardship, asked the Lost Pines Groundwater District Board to allow them a voice in these proceedings?

         That’s what the hearing is about on Monday, August 12, 10 am at the Bastrop Convention Center.

We need YOU there, along with your family, friends and neighbors.

The Lost Pines Water Defense Fund is also raising approximately $1200-1500 to pay for an expert witness to explain to the Administrative Hearing Officer presiding at this hearing why these landowners will be adversely affected if this permit is given.

         These landowners are a voice for the rest of us.  

If you can give to the fund — whatever your means are — please do!

Checks are made out to the Lost Pines Water Defense Fund and mailed to PO Box 690, Elgin, TX 78621.  More about the fund below.

Got questions?  Feel free to reply to this message, or to call Linda Curtis, numbers below.

Got comments?  Feel free to share them at the bottom of this blog entry.

         SAVE THE DATE!  

         SATURDAY, September 21, 10 am – 8 pm, “Building Cross-Partisan Coalitions”, Independent Texans Convention —  Bastrop Convention Center.  Main topics — defeating the statewide water amendment on the November 2013 ballot and  Taming Eminent         Domain.  More coming real soon!

Thank y’all!

PS  Not to give you high blood pressure, but here’s the tape of EndOp’s presentation at the big hearing in Giddings in June:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g54mhvUBxOw.  If you go to our YouTube site, you’ll also see lots of great folks testifying at the hearings — so enjoy!

Click here for the Lost Pines Water Defense Fund information sheet:  http://www.indytexans.com/wp-content/uploads/Lost-Pines-Fund.pdf




2 thoughts on “We have a hearing! August 12, 10 a.m., Bastrop Convention Center — y’all Bastrop and Lee County Folks Come!

  1. If I were to guess the water from Bastrop and surrounding counties is going to San Antonio. Forestar is famous for shall we say not telling the whole truth. They manage HOA’s in 2 communities in Bastrop and believe me those communities want rid of Forestar.

    The solution to water is stop all municipalities from hooking up meters until the water problems are solved. Oh, I know, the local governments are drunk on property taxes and want more homes and commercial. So folks just wait, the water bill will be bigger than the electric bill soon.

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