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First things first.

Have you REGISTERED YET to attend the Independent Texans Convention, on Saturday, September 21st?  If not, please do NOW!!  Click here to register:  www.indytexans.com/convention/registration

         Click here for the latest agenda:  www.indytexans.com/convention

         Click here for the bios of most of the presenters:  www.indytexans.com/convention/Bios

         Click here for places to stay (though this is a one-day event):  www.indytexans.com/convention/PlacesToStayInBastrop

This event:  “Building Cross-Partisan Coalitions” is the place to be if you’re concerned about water, land and your political rights.

Also, if you’re near enough to volunteer, join us THIS coming Saturday, September 7, 4 pm, at the Bastrop Library, 1100 Church Street — map here.  We’ll be discussing the convention and how you can help before or during this first-ever Independent Texans’ convention.   

Read our report on what happened yesterday at the Hays County Commissioners Court.  They’re joining up with Forestar Real Estate to take their neighbors’ water without their consent and with little understanding:  http://www.indytexans.com/2013/09/04/hays-county-commission-in-cahoots-with-forestar/

Many thanks to the residents of Hays County who are beginning to urge the Hays County Commissioners to stay out of the Lost Pines battle with Forestar (not to mention EndOp).  We hope to see some of these good friends at the Convention.

Watch for our white paper on Proposition 6 — the “Water Heist Amendment” — on the statewide ballot this November.  It will be a big topic at the convention.

Did we ask you to  REGISTER NOW for the convention or forever hold your peace!  🙂  Click here to to register: www.indytexans.com/convention/registration

Do you want a table at this event?  It’s $50 for non-profits and $100 for political organizations.  If you want to sponsor this event, it’s $300-500, based on what you can afford.  Contact Lea at 512-718-5288 or email her at silvernaillea@yahoo.com.

PS  Here’s a convention flier (two per page) you can print, share or post around town.  We’ have copies at the Bastrop meeting this Saturday:  http://www.indytexans.com/wp-content/uploads/FlierTwo-IndyConvention.pdf


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