Release: What Really Happaned Last Night!

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What really happened last night is this.  Over 300,000 Texans (27%) stood up to some of the largest corporations in the world, and the two most powerful lobbies in Texas, from oil and gas and real estate — and their bankroll of $2M.

They spent $2.39 per vote.  We spent .009 — less than 1 penny — per vote. In addition, they had some well-intended people with some bad politics (from a wing of the environmental movement) fronting for them!

Let it not go unnoticed that home of the Speaker’s efforts to move groundwater — Bastrop and Lee counties, and our neighbors in Austin County — (not to mention nearby Fayette, and Lavaca counties) Nixed Prop 6!

Lee County, the home of Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt (the do-nothing lap dog of Texas House Speaker, Joe Straus, who led the campaign for Prop 6), Nixed 6 by 62%!  Bastrop and Austin counties were close behind at 55%.

AND, several northeast counties, where farmers have been fighting the Marvin Nichols Reservoir for over a decade (Cass, Red River and Bowie) led the Nix 6 vote, with Cass County Nixing 6 with over 71%.

We also saw very strong showings throughout northeast Texas, thanks to the leadership of Rep. David Simpson.

A note received from Rep. Simpson this morning:  “I was grateful to work with Independent Texans in a trans-partisan and grassroots effort to inform voters about proposition 6. Where we were able to get the word out, it was well received.”

Congratulations are also in order to Linda Kaye Rogers, who handily won election to the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District!

We are deeply proud of the people in 18 counties that Nixed Prop 6!  http://www.texastribune.org/2013/11/05/constitutional-amendment-election-results/?c=156976

Get some rest and get ready for continued escalation of the Texas Water Wars!  This is THE issue in Texas, unless Mother Nature decides to settle the score herself.

Independently yours,
Linda Curtis
Independent Texans
512-535-0989 office
512-657-2089 cell

PS  We will be calling meetings in the Lost Pines and Hays County in short order, as the filing period for candidates opens.  Please note that last Monday, the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District granted Forestar Real Estate Group a rehearing. We believe they are trying to protect the district from future potential litigation and we support their decision.


7 thoughts on “Release: What Really Happaned Last Night!

  1. Wow Texas! You stood up to corporations and big money in a way that is surprising. Washington tried it and was overwhelmed by outside money and misinformation.

  2. Thanks, Linda, for all that you and Indy Texans do for all of us Progressives, as well as for the Critters! It’s onward Hydro Soldiers in the Water Wars!! Adrian

  3. Yes, but just realize we lost statewide on Prop 6. We’re now going to have to bird dog the Texas Water Development Board more than ever. For those groups that think this is only about participating locally in the broken water district system, they’ll be getting a wake up call — with the Perry gang in charge. They are thieves and scoundrels and any deals they’ve got with you, can and will be broken. Or did they sell that cheap – without a deal? Not too smart.

  4. Most people don’t know what they vote on or for.
    My vote apparently did not count on this one. I am not deterred though.

  5. Everyone should capture water from their roofs to water their gardens and plant native or adaptable plants.. Weeds often turn into beautiful flowers!

  6. I would like for someone to investigate and follow the dark money trail that led from the “Water Hustlers” to the Sierra Club. I was shocked and surprised that Ken Kramer would jump on the hukster’s band wagon.

    I would cost NOTHING to tweak a few rules and regulations that would save mega-millions of gallons of water daily in Summer:

    1. Ban any irrigation of lawns or golf courses or any other non-native monocultures.

    2. Presuming a basic human modern use of 100 gallons of water per day, then the price of the first 3,000 gallons per person could be lowered significantly, then the cost should rise significantly for water waste.

    The mega-millionaires who waste hundreds of thousands of gallons on their sterile and poison laden monoculture St. Augustine grass lawns could easily pay Ozarka prices of $1.00 per gallon after the first 50,000.

    3. The fracking companies that are sucking water out of our lakes and streams at ZERO COST should have to pay for their theft of this resource or come up with the $2 billion themselves.


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