When you know they’ve gone too far.

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FlierIndyTexans-1You know they’ve gone too far when they want to steal your water and your petition rights. Call your Texas House Member today — right now — and ask them to vote NO on House Bill 3298 (Gridzilla) and HB 2595 taking away 110-years of citizens’ petition rights in Texas.

Find your Texas House Representative here. Ask him or her to vote NO on House Bills 3298 and 2595. (Or, you can call the Capitol Switchboard and ask for your House Rep — 512-463-4630.)

Legislators will be hand delivered this flier today.

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3 thoughts on “When you know they’ve gone too far.

  1. Greed and short-term planning without the interest of actual people motivate these resolutions. Their total lack of testicular fortititude is evident by promising resources that can only be delivered by stealing resources from less influential constituents, then denying those constitients the right to make local decisions, putting the State of Texas in exactly the position for which the same politicians are tearing the Federal Government a new anal opening.
    What really needs to happen is urban planning which limits but popular and business growth and development to sustainable (much slower) rates.

  2. These resolutions will bankrupt Texas resources for short-term profits. The dearer price is the sacrifice of local government control of community resource exploitation to State demands, a tendency the State of Texas has decried in Federal control of State rights.

  3. When my children ask, Mom what did you do to STOP the WATER PROFITEERS in the 2015 Texas LEGE?…… I want to say I did everything I could have done……. Will be putting in my LEGE calls……….. Thanks for your info Linda !!! Keep us informed…….


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