Indies Switch Horses to John Cyrier for State Representative

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2 thoughts on “Indies Switch Horses to John Cyrier for State Representative

  1. On Jan 17, 2016, at 2:42 PM, Ed Skarnulis wrote:

    Linda, you need to give full disclosure on this. According to Texas Election Code if a Democrat votes in the Republican Primary they cannot be a delegate to the county, state or national democratic convention.

    From the Democratic Party Rules re: credentials required: “has not voted in another party’s primary, convention, or supported a candidate of another party,
    shall be eligible to attend, to participate in, and to be a candidate for any Party Office or for any Delegate or Alternate position to be filled at that convention, including the positions
    of delegate or alternate to the Democratic National Convention. (Texas Election Code §174.021)”

    Ed Skarnulis

  2. Full disclosure would also include all parties, so this is true for those who consider themselves Libertarian and Green Party folk who want to be delegates at their party conventions. Thanks for the catch, and there are many in Texas elections.

    Bottom line for the independents (notice the small “i”) is that we vote for the person, not the party and just because we might vote in either party primary doesn’t mean you own our votes. They have to be earned and that’s what I love about the Texas open primary. There’s more to be done, to make it more open but that’s another discussion.

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