House District 17 Debate


As you know, we have endorsed John Cyrier for reelection for his first full term. Why? Because we know that he works his…you know what off, he cares about his district and he went to bat for us on the water front.

That said, we hope you will make up your own mind and attend this debate.

The debate is tomorrow night, Monday, February 1, starting at 6 pm (details below) OR you can watch it online at btxn.tv. This event is sponsored by area Chambers of Commerce.


Monday night’s debate between John Cyrier and Brent Golemon starts at 6 pm sharp at the Performing Arts Center at 1401 Cedar Street in Bastrop. That’s right next to Bastrop High School.

Also! The questionnaires that both candidates filled out for us are on this page of our website page “HD 17” here — click on their names in the second paragraph. They are revealing.

Got questions? Just ask us.

Thanks for paying attention to this important race for us, our water and our future!


4 thoughts on “House District 17 Debate

  1. Myrlene — We asked Rep. Cyrier to introduce this bill because water marketers were using INDIVIDUAL lawsuits to pressure board members to hand over their mega-permits.

    HB 3163 does not stop lawsuits against groundwater districts, one iota. It simply stops water marketers from using harassment lawsuits against these volunteer board members INDIVIDUALLY, so long as they are following the law and performing their duties accordingly.

    Hope this makes sense – and we do understand your concerns and we’re on your side (though we’re endorsing Cyrier). You are not harmed by our legislation.

  2. So, let me get this straight this law will be giving Water District Volunteer management total control over water districts without using harassment lawsuits by JUST marketers? Not the farm and ranchers who were talked into giving their water rights away to those WATER DISTRICT VOLUNTEERS ?

    Have you ever heard the statement “Say know to SAWS” (San Antonio Water District)? The Gonzales Water District Volunteers made the decision to say no to SAWS by talking farmers and ranchers into giving them their water rights. I went to their Water District meeting because I own land in Gonzales County. Those Gonzales WATER DISTRICT VOLUNTEERS and the Greater Brazos River Authority presented a good case for us to give up our water rights so they could make the decision to sale our water to San Antonio SAWS and others. Of course nobody knew it at the time. I did research and did not give my water rights to the GONZALES WATER DISTRICT VOLUNTEERS. I have heard that many ranchers and farmers are learning of this fact. They ARE NOT HAPPY finding that GBRA and Gonzales Water District VOLUNTEERS can sell their water to SAWS and they can’t. They have no control over their water or who buys it. I hear some are really angry ….

    I just Wonder…. if this HB3163 was written to protect these GONZALES WATER DISTRICT VOLUNTEERS and others from ILLEGALLY taking water from farmers and ranchers and selling to whom ever they want at no cost for their decision? Putting VOLUNTEERS in complete control over my water and can’t be sued for their decisions is not right.

    I will not support CYRIER… but you can… Thanks Myrlene

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