Golemon Kicks Puppies — HD 17 voters, that is

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Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.55.56 AMDid you see that puppy mailer from Brent Golemon, poking fun at John Cyrier in House District 17 — Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales and Karnes counties?

There is no Democrat on the ballot in November, so this race will be decided in the primary.

It is time to kick Golemon (leave those puppies alone, Brent!) to the curb in this election for evading answering any of the serious accusations that Cyrier — and we at Independent Texans — have raised about Golemon and his operation. Even his puppy mailer contained a “little fib” with a newspaper masthead for the “Texas Times” claiming “Austin Lobbyists Fund Smear Campaign”. PeopleGolemonPuppies, don’t be sheeple, there is no such newspaper and no such article.

Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you:

  1. Golemon, in his “grassroots” door-to-door work, has collected data on voters and sold it to outside interest groups. Meanwhile, Cyrier was at the legislature fighting for your water alongside us.
  2. Golemon has skirted campaign finance disclosure laws, first failing to report large expenditures, then swearing a questionable oath. Cyrier tried to pass a bill to reveal identities of “dark money” donors, to allow voters to hold candidates accountable. Golemon even put out a deceptive mailer about it (House Bill 37), claiming it was an attack on religious freedom. Poppycock!
  3. Golemon refuses to shoot straight on what he will do to protect your water, while bad-mouthing Cyrier’s actual efforts to pass effective water legislation (including House Bill 3163 we asked him to carry).

Just ask yourself why Golemon won’t tell you his plan to protect the most valuable asset in District 17 – our groundwater!

Is it because he has no plan and none of his outside special interest cronies have given him a water plan that he dares not reveal to us?


If you see a deluge of mail from Golemon or from outside or unidentifiable organizations (we’ve already seen one such mailer). Trust this — you don’t know who these people are and Golemon doesn’t want you to know. We might not like some of the people funding Cyrier, but at least we know who they are.

Read both candidates’ revealing answers in their own words to the Independent Texans’ 24-question survey, at the HD 17 tab at IndyTexans.org. We’ve done our best to inform you. The job is now yours.


3 thoughts on “Golemon Kicks Puppies — HD 17 voters, that is

  1. None of the “accusations” leveled by you and John Cyrier have been founded or followed by actual proof that he has done anything wrong. I don’t know how John Cyrier bought your vote or support, except that he passed your legislation that you wrote. I say this because you stated the same to me, that it was your “torte reform legislation” that he passed. Which means that he didn’t actually write any legislation. Who is he representing? The cronies who fund him from Austin, or from San Marcos Water board that he sits on.

    The accusations that you and John level is just like me asking John “Do you still beat your wife?” I didn’t say anything wrong, but the idea is out there, true or not. Stop the bashing of an honest cosevative, who supports the “rule of capture”, which John stated I the forum that he doesn’t support. Our property, our rights.

  2. Howard, the accusations or allegations are posted on our website under the News section. Please read “This Con Man Can’t Shoot Straight…” and read down the page. We even posted the filings where we found over $28,000 in expenditures Golemon failed to report in an 8-day report.

    As for the water bill Rep. Cyrier passed, Michele Gangnes of the League of Independent Voters, helped author with other attorney/water rights advocates, and the Legislative Council, which does the same for all legislators. Yes, it’s a good torte reform bill AND (as the post I’m referfing you to above states) it’s also a water bill — to stop water marketers from using lawsuits against individual board members as a bully tactic to get them to turn over large water permits.

    Golemon could have simply congratulated John and then said what HE’s going to do. Not so, because he has no plan.

    PS Golemon has yet to refute my claim that he’s been selling data he’s collected door to door on voters to an outside interest group as a way to fund his campaign.

  3. Linda,

    I read the same thing that you are saying. Howard, you should do your homework sir.

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