Dark Money, Vista Ridge and Austin closed government.


See what Colonel Potter and Barney Fife have to say to Golemon’s muttonheaded claims in support of dark money!  Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.09.43 PMWatch this 2-minute video and share it especially in House District 17 (Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales, Karnes and Lee counties). Get out and vote for John Cyrier.

Vista Ridge Big News Continues!

With the latest shocking news that Abengoa is selling 80% interest in the 142-mile pipeline project for the massive groundwater conveyance project known as Vista Ridge, it’s becoming clear that the project is in trouble. That means San Antonio ratepayers, who have been given assurances that their financial interests are not at risk, in fact, are at risk.

Moreover, other risks to the project continue to mount along the 142-mile pipeline route, including now, a ratepayer challenge from San Antonio Water System (SAWS) customers just outside the city.

As of today, February 24, we have put this press conference in San Antonio on hold! Back soon with adapted plans!

Come to San Antonio on Thursday at 11 am for a press conference.
San Antonio City Hall, 100 Military Plaza
(need a ride, reply or call us!)

Live in City of Austin? An uprising is about to take place on whether residents are going to have any say in the performance review of the City’s Chief Executive Officer, otherwise known as the City Manager. Read this at ChangeAustin.org and sign up to get their email alerts.

Have fun and tell the truth, y’all!

PS Early voting ends on Friday, February 26th.


2 thoughts on “Dark Money, Vista Ridge and Austin closed government.

  1. Why is it that there is nothing honest about Brent Golemon that you can print. You are such a hypocrite. Very little of John Cyrier’s money is coming from District 17, according to his own filings. That means that he is accepting large money from the Austin Lobby – according to his own filings. This “Dark Money” that you are referring to is based on the Bill that John signed that said that “Non-Profits” that have large donors (greater than $20000) must report who they are if they engage in “political speak”. That means, specifically, if a church speaks out against a city council that wants to allow Transgender people equal access to restrooms, then they have to disclose their donor list. A church has the right to speak out for the public good, without fear of retaliation. Donations to churches is none of the governments business. Stop spreading the lie that Golemon is for “Dark Money” when the truth is that he is for protecting the church donors from over reaching politicians, who will lie to get what they want.

  2. Howard, here’s responses to your concerns. I hope you will accept them as an honest difference of opinion:

    1. Golemon has also taken the bulk of his contributions from outside the district from mega-donors too. This is a reality of who give to political campaigns these days for most candidates. Golemon’s come from Austin and Midland. Don’t believe us? Do your homework. We did. Here’s Golemon’s recent 30 day report: http://indytexans.org/wp-content/uploads/Golemon30-day.pdf Here’s where you can see who contributes to Constituents Focus PAC — one of Golemon’s major contributors and out of Midland: http://indytexans.org/wp-content/uploads/Constituents-Focus-PAC-contributors.pdf.

    2. The HB 37 in no way stopped people from speaking out against any city council policy. It simply requires that if the church is spending more than $25,000 to influence a public vote on the matter in question, the large donors (at least $1K) to that political campaign must be disclosed.

    3. We support disclosure because of what we lay out in the video and believe that the vast majority of voters — including church going voters — want to know where candidates and causes are getting their funding for anything related to a public vote.

    Golemon attacks Cyrier for where he’s taking his money, while he’s doing the same, just with a different source of funding outside the district.

    But you then call us hypocritical.

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