Thank you and…what’s next?


As you may know, Rep. John Cyrier (House District 17 — the home of the water wars) was handily

We attended a lovely party put on by John and Rachelle Cyrier last night in Lockhart on the town square.
We attended a lovely party put on by John and Rachelle Cyrier last night in Lockhart on the town square.

reelected yesterday by nearly a 65% margin. We thank all of you who voted and participated, regardless of your choices in this race or any other.

See results here and here.

We are frankly relieved to have someone we can count on to represent the district as the water and land wars in Texas are expected to increase. We refer you to this battle unfolding 30 miles west of San Antonio over the rights to condemn land for private gain.

Watch for important news and plans coming soon to you from the independent movement.

Is it not becoming clear that we — non-aligned voters — are the future of this state and country?!


3 thoughts on “Thank you and…what’s next?

  1. The development of “urban polcy” has been an increasingly important policy framework since the 1950s. Rural development policy has suffered at the expense of the development of urban services, water, roads, and recreation. Your work will help set the direction for a more rational, economic, and satisfying use of natural resources. Rural life needs the same importance as that given urban life. ” One-man…one vote” decided by the Supreme Court in the 1960s tilted the scales a bit too much in the direction of urban priorities.

  2. Thank you, Jerry!

    I would only add that when you destroy rural, you destroy the rest of Texas — there’s a balance needed to support the population as a whole.

  3. Dear Linda,

    It would not be so bad, but the private companies that are condemning the land for their own profits are doing so illegally. they give you pennies on the dollar for your land that they transverse but it damages the entire property in the process. Give us ample dollars to “make us whole” as stated in the Denbury Green Case.

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