Vista Ridge is on life support…flush now!

This giant toilet sits in SAWS' lobby...flush Vista Ridge now!
This giant toilet sits in SAWS’ lobby…flush Vista Ridge now!

On May 11th, SAWS failed to meet the deadline to apply for state water funding (aka SWIFT) for Vista Ridge — aka the “San Antone Hose”. SA Express-News article here.

This giant toilet at SAWS is where the flushing proceeds. But not without your action.

==>  Sign this petition now. Add your own comment if you are an affected landowner over the aquifer or affected by the pipeline.[emailpetition id=”7″]

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Call us if you are an affected landowner and can go with us to San Antonio on Wednesday or watch it online here at 9 am.

Vista Ridge ain’t over until the fat utility — SAWS — sings. Keep after it, Texans!


7 thoughts on “Vista Ridge is on life support…flush now!

  1. Our geology of the Quachita Thrust Belt extending from Mexico up to Oklahoma along the ancestral Gulf of Mexico is all interconnected by the morphogeological physics of faults, fissures, cracks, crevices, caverns, bioherms, mud flats, lime stone beds, shale, lignite, volcanic activity, and soils. Water is one of the constituents in this complex composite matrix. If water is removed in the volume proposed by SAWS and other water marketeers, it could very well destabilize the geology over time. We have no way of knowing when or where the spatiotemporal consequences of a disturbance in the geological matrix could occur in the future. We do no that geology changes with climatic, physical, chemical, and biological forces acting upon it. Add in the water marketeers renegade pilferage and these forces may be exacerbated.

  2. The short-term thinking of developers and the real estate industry has converted so many beautiful regions to landscapes of limitless rooftops. The idea that groundwater can solve their problems is the same backward thinking that brought us to the problems we have today–was it Einstein who said “you can’t solve problems with the same thinking that caused them”? (Or something like that.) The real solution we seem unable to create is to find an economic model that is fueled by sustainability rather than growth.

    San Antonio developers want Milam & Burleson Counties to write them a check for 81 MILLION GALLONS of water PER YEAR until the water under our land is gone. Once they’ve expanded to use all that water up, where will they go next? The Carrizo-Wilcox is not infinite! Stop them before they permanently damage the aquifer, trample our property rights, and re-create the California Water Disaster here in Texas.

  3. Well said, Ms. Waring. I would only add that the Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox that is under siege by San Antonio is also under siege by a number of other projects amounting to 250,000 acre-feet per year (about 81,462,856,750 gallons per year). Lee Countians will be just as ripped off as Burleson and Milam, and Milam County landowners hurt first as you’re in the shallow part of the aquifer. Linda Curtis

  4. I did not choose to build San Antonio in a desert. The explosive growth being experienced by SA is not my doing either. I never signed on to give our life’s blood (Water) away to anyone at any price.

    This is government overreach and I am tired of the government taking from the citizens and giving us a broken system in return. No more career politicians. No more bureaucracies making the rules by which we live. Take back our government before it is too late. Tyranny is lurking just around the next corner.

    Robert E. Lee chose correctly.

  5. The problem in San Antonio is a local fiefdom, not the feds. This is how Texas and local cronyism is running over Texans. The state beats up on the feds and the municipalities — working to strip them of local control.

    Meanwhile the cities, even many of our smaller cities, are running a game on the citizens.

    We are getting no relief. If we don’t join together — across all the divisions between us — we may well continue to get what we “deserve”.

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