The test case for disasters of all kinds: Bastrop

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Bastrop seems to be the test case of all terrible things going on in Texas. Just this year, Bastrop has had three disasters declared from fires and floods, preceded by all manner of mega-water raids. Here’s our most current — and we think more easily stopped — disasters. Use this!

Disaster # 1:
A company is trying to secure a permit from the overly permissive TCEQ to dump sewage sludge (Class B Scan 7Biosolids) over 2,000 acres in the high growth Cedar Creek area — we kid you not. The site lies between Highways 71, 21, 20 and FM 535. Much is in the flood plain and it runs adjacent to Cedar Creek. We’re hosting a community meeting next Tuesday, June 28th, at the VFW in Rockne at 1503 Highway 20 from 6:30 to 8 pm. Share this flier  with your friends across Bastrop County, especially in the Cedar Creek, Rockne and the Red Rock area. (If you live in any of these areas or Bastrop County, we still need you to file comments too at the TCEQ — click here for instructions). You can share all of the above at this link here.

Disaster #2:
We made a huge mistake inadequately warning City of Bastrop voters during the May

Attorney Glenn Johnson confronts Bastrop Mayor Ken Kesselus at June 21 Specially Called Executive Session
Attorney Glenn Johnson confronts Bastrop Mayor Ken Kesselus at June 21 Specially Called Executive Session

election about the dangers of giving Mayor Ken Kesselus majority control of the Council. Despite not having done his homework and making a fool of himself last night, the term limited Mayor (May 2017) appears hellbent on axing management that won’t roll over for him, even if it means shredding open government. Read and share this:  Rogues, Raiders and Recall

Perhaps a Blessing in Austin:  It appears that City Manager Marc Ott, dubbed “Gentrifier-in-Chief” by Austin’s affordability watch-dogs, may be leaving. He was asked to by a wide array of citizens. (That’s a whole different kettle of fish than the Kesselus’ fiasco we witnessed last night at Bastrop City Hall.)

Even in politics Newton’s laws of physics apply. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Get ready for the fallout.

Did we can use more volunteers? We do.


9 thoughts on “The test case for disasters of all kinds: Bastrop

  1. Who owns the land? Does the county have any regulations about polluting groundwater?
    The EPA is very limited in their restrictions, the county must have some laws in place.

  2. It’s owned by a guy named Wallace who lives in Austin. 🙂 I don’t know the answer to your other questions but once a group gets formed in the affected area, we expect they will go to the County Commissioners Court. The Court is already aware TCEQ has been asked for this permit. John Klaus, the Commissioner in the area, is being asked to attend next Tuesday’s meeting.

    Please call us if you can help — we need more folks to help out. 512-535-0989. Thanks!

  3. What are the other options? Where else could the sludge go? If we don’t want it in our backyard, we have to tell them where to put it.

  4. Good question. I think the main concern is not in flood plains and in watersheds. Applying it to land might be OK if properly managed. This is what we are hearing and we’ll all be learning more as we get into this.

  5. Fact is, Sean that the stuff has to go somewhere for proper treatment…unless we shoot it to the moon.

    Seriously, our beef is putting this stuff in floodplains and whether there’s proper management done wherever it does wind up.

  6. Having lived and still own a home just down the road from where this sludge is going to be dumped, I have to wonder about why this area was chosen.

    I believe the reason for the dumping of sludge in this area will prevent a healthy growth in this part of Bastrop County . Working in this community with those companies that do not want to disturb the status quo of the illegal immigration businesses and other business do not want to see a healthy population grow in a area that puts money in their pockets. Local and State government feed off of this kind of stuff.

    It is quite frustrating to me to see people continue to be led by people who could care less about the quality of life that has existed in this area for years.

  7. We hope to see you tonight, Myrlene: 6:30 at the VFW, 1503 Hwy. 20 in Rockne. You will get lost of information and meet other concerned citizens who want to fully understand what they should do about it.

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