Reminder: Cedar Creek, Rockne, Red Rock residents!


If you are a Bastrop County resident who lives in Cedar Creek, Red Rock or Scan 7Rockne, you might not want to miss this meeting to discuss the plans to dump sewage sludge on 2,000 acres between FM 535, and Highways 20 & 21. (Click on the map for the full flier you can share).

Community Meeting
Tuesday, June 28, 6:30 to 8 pm
VFW Hall, Rockne
1503 FM 20

This is an informational meeting organized by Independent Texans, not the TCEQ. That public meeting will come later — likely sometime in the next two months and was requested by State Representative Cyrier and State Senator Watson.

Tomorrow, we will give you the information we have gathered, our own opinions about it (and we are not experts, just concerned citizens) and Rep. Cyrier will lay out the process at TCEQ to make sure you know your rights.

Please feel free to invite area residents and to call us if you need more information before this meeting.

P.S. We could use some help at about 6 pm with set up or help at the end breaking down. Thanks all!


6 thoughts on “Reminder: Cedar Creek, Rockne, Red Rock residents!

  1. I live right near this proposed sludge dump. I do not want a product of unknown substance near my property or Cedar Creek itself.

    M. Adams

  2. Ms. Adams, it is very important that you get on our email list and get clear on what you’re rights are as the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) process unfolds on this project. We at Independent Texans have a problem with putting this kind of sludge over and near water resources. Also, the Cedar Creek area is slated for high-growth. This stuff needs to go to a more appropriate location and our state officials (elected and otherwise) need to take seriously some regulation to protect citizens and to make sure cities must properly manage their waste. Citizens — urban, rural and suburban — can unite around these kinds of concerns, if we put our party labels and partisanship aside. This is what it means to be an “independent Texan”. Please sign up to get on our email list and get involved.

  3. I want to do all that I can to stop this. I have been gathering information and reading a significant amount of case studies to give scientific backing to the fears we all have. How can I help block this proposal?

  4. Cassie, we hope to do an email today with some additional clarifications, so watch for it coming from Independent Texans.

    However, most of what you need is parked at DontSludgeBastrop.info. For the moment, you need to post a comment on the TCEQ website or send them a snail nail comment. The instructions are on the home page at DontSludgeBastrop.info.

    Just make sure when you post a comment that your objections have real content especially related to where you live and the site’s location.

    There are maps on the above website, but we’re working to get a clearer and clearer map available to you.

    You can also ask a question in their “Contact” section.

    There will be a public meeting formally called by TCEQ in the coming 2 months or so.

    Call us if you need to again at 512-535-0989. Thanks!

  5. I just got into a Bastrop County GIS map and found that we are extremely close to the runoff. The runoff goes through Ceder Creek which runs through the north side of our property. As is does, it is only 50′ from my well. This runoff could continue to flow for days after the rain stops. When we had 3 days with back-to-back rain of 1 1/2″ of rain each day, the water was flowing at a very high rate of speed and carried all sorts of trees, branches and other “stuff” across it like a raging river and it continued to flow for the next couple of weeks. Even when we get smaller amounts of rain, it could continue to flow for several days.
    The proximity of the creek to the north side the house and well makes it a definite threat for our health and welfare.

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