Sludge Goes Bye-Bye, Petitions a’ flying’


Yippee!  Late yesterday, Denali Water Solutions withdrew the permit to spread sludge on the Wallace Ranch in Cedar Creek!

Thanks to a great team of very willing affected landowners, local residents, volunteers, and the VFW in Rockne together with elected officials — Judge Paul Pape and the entire Bastrop County Commissioners Court, State Rep. John Cyrier and State Senator Kirk Watson.  We now need your help to spread the word that this is over. Please tell your neighbors in Cedar Creek, Rockne and Red Rock. Read the great news details right here on DontSludgeBastrop.info. We suggest you stay engaged, folks. This area of Bastrop County is slated for continued likely high growth since Austin can’t seem to break the growth lobby-hold wreaking havoc on their affordability.

Bastrop Petition Update! Both petitions are getting traction for 1. establishing fair petition requirements for petititions and 2. recalling Bastrop Mayor Ken Kesselus. BUT due to slowness of mail, please help us reach CITY OF BASTROP VOTERS. The cover letter and petitions are on this page. And yes, despite what the Mayor is saying, we stand by all we have written and there’s more coming.

That’s all for now, folks!

PS Please keep those donations comin’. We need small or large.

PPS Bring us to you to help you wherever you are.


2 thoughts on “Sludge Goes Bye-Bye, Petitions a’ flying’

  1. Thank you so much for your efforts to halt the Denali Water Solutions. However, I don’t think that this is over. This is not going to change the fact that Bastrop County has laxed to no water protection and environmental laws. The law makers in Bastrop Co. are allowing for an operation like Denali to take advantage of the citizens of Bastrop Co. Unfortunately, whats going to prevent a company like Denali or a worse company to try to contract with another landowner in Bastrop Co. I was glad to see Mr. Wallace at the meeting and that he wanted to learn and find out about the permit process too. I think he is trying to make an noble although somewhat under-educated effort to change from chemical fertilizer to bio fertilizer. That kind of transition should be commended especially since chemical fertilizers have wreaked havoc on waterways for many years and play an important part in damaging the eco-system. Bastrop County should have laws that will not only assist the farmers and ranchers in our area but laws that protect the soil and water that we are all exposed to.

  2. We agree that there need to be more controls over pollution of our precious water resources. We would urge you to consider getting involved with the League of Independent Voters which focuses on the legislature. We encourage you to join the League at:

    Or, there are many other good organizations that will be working on these issues in the next session.

    If you want to do something locally, you might also give us a call — and watch for more on this coming from us. Best wishes.

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