Where is End Op water headed?


Please come tomorrow night, 7 pm to the Bastrop Convention Center, 1408 Chestnut:  The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District will make a momentous decision on the 46,000 acre-feet mega-permit to End Op, L.P..

Where is End Op’s water headed? Travis, Williamson and…surprise, surprise…Hays County was just added!

So many water deals, it hurts, right? This is the aquifer under Bastrop and Lee counties (the Simsboro) that also underlies Burleson and Milam counties, where their groundwater district — Post Oak Savannah — already sold out their landowners, granting a 50,000 AFY permit for the Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose. Lost Pines’ decision tomorrow also comes on the heels of their decision to grant Forestar Real Estate at stair-stepped permit for 28,500 AFY. More from our friends at Environmental Stewardship here.

flier-3GrowthSummitAre you getting your signs ready to picket the Growth Summit on September 16th in San Marcos?
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Calling all central Texans —
show up and bring your own home made signs!

hand_thumbs_down_ty_clrRent too high? Property taxes out of control?

hand_thumbs_down_ty_clrSick of eminent domain for private gain and constant threats to your water?

hand_thumbs_up_md_clrTogether, across party lines, we can muzzle the central Texas Growth Machine.

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