Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board: sign the petition, Vote NO!


Howdy, AuAdler Scaring the Crap Out of Austin!stin. Are you tired of your community being a monopoly board for the developer lobby? Do you agree that Austin should not be just one big real estate play…as you watch your affordability continue to tank? Is Prop 1 scaring the crap out of you? Watch this hilarious 30-sec video. Then, please:

  • Sign the petition below (OR on the right hand column of this page), share your own feelings with the Mayor and Council, then share it with others, AND
  • Please vote NO on the $720 million transportation bonds! (Early voting is Oct. 24 thru Nov. 4).  hand_thumbs_down_md_clr

Here’s the one argument for voting NO that you may not have heard yet, one that unites most voters. The Mayor could have led the 10-1 Council to implement road impact fees, totally allowable under state law and designed to make developers share in the costs of roads for new developments. Instead, Mr. Adler left $50-90 million in the pockets of developers in 2015 alone. Now he and the majority Council, want YOU to pay the full weight for this massive uncapped $1.799 billion bond!

Sign the petition and share it! For more reasons to vote no read this helpful explanation from Rob Walker, MBA Stanford in Finance; PhD University of Texas in Taxation and Councilwoman Disrict 1 Ora Houston’s op-ed here. And, just in case you think we’re doing younger people any favors through continued debt accumulation, we urge you to read this October 3 article in Investor’s Business Daily, “In Fast Growing Texas, Local Debt Has Soared“. Guess which state is only surpassed by New York in debt per capita? More about the costs of growth in central Texas can be found at CostofGrowth.com and the League of Independent Voters here.donate_to_relief_fund_lg_clr

By the way, we have a donor willing to match the first $600 we raise to help advertise this petition and Vote NO effort online, so please give what ya can to the can!

Dear Mayor Adler and Austin City Council Members:

Stop talking about affordable housing and require home builders to construct homes in every project that working and middle class families can afford.

Stop giving away the $46 million dividend from the Austin Citizen Electric Utility to multinational corporations and use that money to reduce our property taxes.

Stop jeopardizing our homes with more plans to pack and stack more condos and in every established neighborhood.

Stop handling minority issues by gentrifying our neighborhoods to push us out of our town.

Start fixing our traffic mess with plans that we can afford and that actually address congestion -- not like this $720 million uncapped bond with no guarantees.

Start making growth pay for itself by imposing impact fees on new developments for roads as allowed for under Texas law.

I understand that Austin is not just one big “real estate play” or a developer's monopoly board.

I want my local officials to know this too -- and to act accordingly.


Dear Mayor Adler and Austin City Council Members:


Why don't you share this with your friends, please:


PS After this election, a new coalition in Austin is coming together to “reboot 10-1” — to continue pushing for structural reforms in Austin. Interested? Send a note to info@indytexans.org or call us at 512-535-0989. Thank you, Austin!

PPS We all know that Austin is leading the “Growth Machine” in Texas. Please share this with your Austin voting friends and enjoy this hilarious scary video from Honest Transportation Solutions:


9 thoughts on “Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board: sign the petition, Vote NO!

  1. I have had enough of poorly conceived, over priced “fixes” to transportation problems that don’t actually work. I will work to make this bond fail.

  2. It would not ‘send’. Here’s my letter to Mayor and City Council of Austin…

    Turning every entry point to Austin into a Tollway is going to KILL Austin. Turning Highway 71/290 into a tollway is absurd. What EVER happened to making the roads BETTER, and SAFER?

    It isn’t AUSTIN’s private highway, to do with as they see fit. STATE funds paid for that highway.

    And, while you’re at it, why in the Sam Hell isn’t EVERY TOLLWAY MARKED, to indicate which sections are reduced rate for Veterans, and which ones are free?

    The TOLLWAY site may have a map, but there is absolutely NO POSSIBLE WAY to differentiate, when entering, exiting, or driving on them, what is what.

    You’ve priced my family out of town, and then pushed the marketing to push my family further away. I’m in Bastrop county and can no longer afford to live here, because of YUPPIE Austin.

    You have KILLED almost everything that made Austin HOME, since my birth in Breckenridge Hospital. SXSW, SoCo, Austin City Limits, The F1 CIRCUS of the Amortization. Austin is turning into an amusement park. Pay to enter, via tollway, pay to stay, pay to see each section of the growing carnival freak show.

  3. No to transportation bond. Use in house city workers for local fixes. Double Decker on IH35. (Sign the petition does not work. Using W10 and Edge.)

  4. District 1: We want a transportation plan that is thoroughly thought out and clearly communicated plan showing details instead of a shallow marketing blitz.

    This was my comment for the petition, but the page looks like it is locking up!

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