Vote NO on Prop 1! Adler is Scaring the Crap Out of Us!

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Adler Scaring the Crap out of Austin!We have heard far too many rumors not to share this with you. Austin Mayor Steve Adler and his henchmen are running about Austin trying to contain the damage they have only done to themselves by scaring people. Perhaps it was those repeated articles in the Statesman by transportation writer Ben Wear, duly warning Austin voters about the inadequacies of this purported $720 million (in reality, $1.7999 billion) bond proposition. In our view, Wear is just doing his job and likely going light on the soft-spoken, but nevertheless bullying ways of Steve Adler.

Thankfully, Austin has Roger Falk, running about too — trying to alert unsuspecting small business owners targeted for “beautification” along the proposed “corridors” that Prop 1 intends to “beautify” them right out of business. Special Thanks to Honest Transportation Solutions PAC for running this funny — because it’s oh-so-true! — TV ad.

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-10-17-11-pmBefore you go vote NO on Prop 1, be sure to sign the petition! ==>

Adler and his team are on notice, Austin is NOT Developers’ Monopoly Board or just one big real estate play!

In addition to Wear’s articles, you can read this helpful analysis of Prop 1 from Rob Walker, MBA Stanford in Finance; PhD University of Texas in Taxation and this top notch editorial by Councilwoman Ora Houston.

By the way, perhaps you read that the judge struck down the Pilot Knob development deal…but the developer-whistleblower Brian

As usual, we have our hand out.
As usual, we have our hand out.

Rodgers has only just begun to fight! The Mayor and his henchmen are the ones who really should be scared.

Do you live in Hays County or the City of Bastrop? Vote No on Props 1&2 in Hays, FOR all 5 propositions in the city of Bastrop and visit our Endorsement page for more!


1 thought on “Vote NO on Prop 1! Adler is Scaring the Crap Out of Us!

  1. I want to vote yes for the bonds. I cannot do it in good conscience. It’s claimed they want to fix traffic problems. Yet, they approved the first reading of the Grove with too much in the way of retail, bars and restaurants. on a street that cannot handle the volume. All credibility was lost with me. I was a supporter.
    From the Austin Chronicle on September 2.
    Public Notice: Good City, Bad City
    City staff does some things right, some things wrong
    By Nick Barbaro

    So the last thing anyone wanted to see this week was the steaming turd that the Austin American-Statesman dropped on Council’s doorstep Monday morning, in the form of a story by Nolan Hicks, detailing how the Austin Transportation Department flubbed a March report on the project’s Traffic Impact Analysis. In particular, ATD management “officials repeatedly struck or discounted concerns brought by the city’s engineers about the Grove’s traffic,” Hicks wrote, to the point where at least one engineer asked for his name to be removed from the study, after protesting against “changes to the transportation department’s findings.”

    The implications are ugly – not just for the Grove, whose critics have complained all along about the traffic impacts of adding large-scale commercial components into what was supposed to be a residential development – but more broadly for City Hall, whose critics have long complained that upper-level city staff play fast and loose with the information they pass on to City Council.

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