Hays County Props 1&2, Good Scary or Bad Scary?

Are you scared? Is it good scary or bad scary? When it comes to Props 1 & 2, it’s bad scary. Vote NO and share the video. Seriously.

Thanks to SaveHays.com for their efforts to inform and entertain us.


2 Responses to “Hays County Props 1&2, Good Scary or Bad Scary?”

  • David Cargill:

    Both voted against it Tuesday. Enough is enough. We have no desires to end up like Austin or a suburb of Austin.

  • Linda Curtis:

    Thanks for voting, not to mention voting as we hoped you would, David. Props 1&2 in Hays are part of the regional problem with hyper-growth at all of our expense. I live in Bastrop, where water raids are taking place to move our water out from underneath us to pave over Hays and other Ih-35 communities. Who pays? We do. Please read this message we sent about this here. Thank you again for voting!

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