Unchain our hearts, two parties!

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Thanks to all you outsiders who showed up last night to hear the Bastrop Outsiders — a collection of wonderful musicians from our region — and for Progressive Revolution of Bastrop County’s co-sponsorship of this event.

Click on this picture — enjoy a tad of this recording of local resident, John Inmon and his incredible band’s rendition of “Unchain My Heart”. WOW!!!
(please excuse our video camera sound quality)

Additional and very special thanks to musicians:  Missing Traditions, Ky Hote, Larry Wilson, Jim Outlaw, The Porch Pickers and Ernie Wylie Harkins who also organized the event.

This personally had me yearning for a full blown independent political movement to unchain our votes from two-partyism.

Hundreds of bad bills are now moving in this legislative session.

Last Tuesday, landowners held the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Distrct’s (Milam and Burleson) feet to the fire, but were out-matched by water marketer, Blue Water and it’s Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose partners. Blue Water’s attorney attacked citizens from Bastrop and Lee counties as “outsiders” (we were invited AND we share the same aquifer). The nincompoop then proceeded to verbally beat up on the locals. Truly disgusting!

SAWS continues merrily on its way to working the inside of the legislature. The California Water Model — mass movement of groundwater seems inevitable, but wait…

It takes a lot of tough love to STAY IN THE FIGHT FOR TEXAS, our land, our water and our elections. Who really knows who will wind up on the floor and in what round.

So…all you outsiders who read our emails and come out on occasion. Thank you for helping us BE outsiders.

Take these three punches to keep us fighting for you:

Punch #1:  Take action on this legislative alert from the League of independent Voters.

Punch #2:  Come to the Elections Committee hearing on Monday, April 24, at 2 pm (notice here).

Sign a card FOR HB 3068, the Voter Choice Act and FOR HB 3332, a good petition rights bill.

Punch #3: Donate to Independent Texans PAC to help us do the work we do and volunteer~!

Thank you to the bands for unchaining our hearts last night. Let’s unchain our votes!

Gratefully and independently yours, Linda Curtis


1 thought on “Unchain our hearts, two parties!

  1. I am an ardent Democrat and former member of the County Executive Council of the Bastrop County Democratic Party. Although no longer a member of the CEC, I host a monthly luncheon meeting for Bastrop County Democratic ladies. Imagine my surprise when, after the March 8th luncheon, I received a call from former Bastrop City Council member and currant mayoral candidate, Willie DeLaRosa, who berated me for allowing an attendee to voice her concern about him when asked about the upcoming City Council election. Although he had been contacted by two BCDP officers inviting him to the monthly meeting to solicit votes from constituents, he had not bothered to RSVP. However, he quickly jumped on the phone to me when he learned that my invitation to luncheon guests to share their views lead to a member criticizing Mr. DeLaRosa’s lack of leadership while on the Bastrop City Council. How thin-skinned would a person have to be to make such a caustic call? Women Democrats were simply talking about local politicians from both parties who, in their individual opinions, were either doing a commendable job (such as Republican Mel Hamner) or being part of the problems on City Council rather than a problem-solver. After being on the receiving end of Mr. DeLaRosa’s bullying and berating, I will most definitely not be voting for him for Mayor of Bastrop!

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