Waking up, Smelling the Coffee!

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Today, Tuesday, May 2, is the last day to vote early in local municipal and school district elections. Election Day is this Saturday, May 6th.

All elections are important. We have focused on the city of Bastrop for a reason. If you cannot vote in Bastrop, think about what you can do to help after you read this.

Bastrop demonstrates what is going wrong in an entire region, as Austin forces modest income folks and retirees to flee it’s affordability crisis. Bastrop County is the 6th fastest growing county in the state. It is under siege by assorted scoundrels looking to cash in. Will voters wake up and smell the coffee, or simply drown?

We have been on the phones talking to them. Every indication is that they are waking up.

This opinion editorial by Glenn Johnson,

in Saturday’s paper is the latest alarm.

Three seats out of 5 (correction: 6) on the Bastrop City Council are contested in this election — for Mayor and City Council Places 3 and 4. We are working feverishly to persuade voters that denying these seats to DeLaRosa, Ennis and Harle is crucial.


The good news is that there are some VERY good people running. Though this is not an endorsement, we have done our homework. These leaders — Connie Schroeder for Bastrop Mayor, Lyle Nelson for Place 3 and Nancy Wood for Place 4 — deserve full consideration.

Go to our page dedicated to this election. Tell us if you think we got our homework right.

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Regardless of the outcome, we do see a future for ordinary Texans. They (and we) can continue to self-organize and unite independentlty of both parties.

United we stand, divided we fall.

PS If you don’t live in the city of Bastrop, do what you can to help us reach them by donating some time or money. Thank you, even if all you can do is share this message!


2 thoughts on “Waking up, Smelling the Coffee!

  1. I am in my own dilemma, for while I do not live in Bastrop, I am faced with three mayoral candidates that leave only two choices. The first is re-elect Ivy “I am here to take your water Burleson County” Taylor, Ron “wouldn’t light rail be wonderful” Nirenberg, or Manuel Medina the Bexar County Democrat Party Chairman, who incidentally wants to fire City Manager Shelley Sculley, a wonderful idea, but a liberal toady of Bill Clinton and Dumb-as-a-rock Insane Obama. Sculley is a toady of former Boy King Henry Cisneros. The second choice is like that faced by the Republicans in 2012, sit this election out, which is anathema to me as a citizen, but one I am willing to take, if push comes to shove.

    Yesterday, I received my regular news report from the Hill Country Alliance and what is alarming is the news regarding the usual massive development and growth of Kendal County, especially Boerne. I regularly bass fish Boerne’s Cibolo Creek of which I have helped Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and the Boerne City Parks & Recreation Department stock with the largemouth black bass, and will certainly be affected by the water issues Boerne may face in the months and years ahead.

    These “growth opportunists” are never going to be satisfied until every portion of Texas is either asphalt or cement. I can’t help, but write this, but I smell Boy King Cisneros in all of this.

  2. You are so right that it’s all about the “growth opportunists” but they come in all sizes, political ideologies and parties. And that’s because it’s not really about “growth”. It’s about opportunism at its wors.

    But you really got to get a handle on this. It’s not just about “poverty pimps” — largely Democrats. It’s also about poverty creators — largely Republicans. Cisneros is among many.

    When are you going to become an independent, Bill? When there’s not one black bass left? đŸ™‚

    PS Cisneros is just one of a host of people you keep leaving out. Give us some other names!

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