Victory Smells Sweet, But It Ain’t Over Yet!

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 In case you didn’t get the great victory news, the Bastrop NOT “good ol’ boys” (and gals) were handed a big setback last night!

Bastrop’s new Mayor is a breath of fresh air — not to mention a civil engineer and its first woman mayor. Connie Schroeder’s victory with nearly 60%, trouncing Willie DeLaRosa!

In Place 3, Lyle Nelson is in a runoff with Lee Harle! Lyle’s message as a resident of Hunter’s Crossing  — that all of Bastrop deserves representation on the council — is one we fully support. Riverside Grove resident/candidate Rachel Corbett’s 3rd place effort reinforces Lyle’s message for the runoff.

We BELIEVE that the runoff is Tuesday, June 6, with early voting starting on May 25. But, we await confirmation by the city and county of Bastrop. Stay tuned.

Nancy Wood ran a tight race (with 48.6%) against Bill Ennis in Place 4. We’re sorry to see she didn’t quite make it to victory. However, Ennis is filling out DeLaRosa’s term, so this seat will be up again next year. Ennis is now on notice to watch his step with the cronies (GOBs) at City Hall.

As usual, we have our hand out.

Folks, we do have a few bills to cover and our work is not done yet! Donate online or send us a check — nothing is too small. 🙂

NOTE! With the legislature in session until May 29th — the water marketers are dangerously close to getting some changes in the water code to facilitate mass movement of groundwater to the growth corridors. This is why these local elections are so important.

Keep an eye out for legislative alerts from LIV (League of Independent Voters). Act on them right away, please.

Thank you VERY MUCH for joining us CIVIC engineers here at Independent Texans.

In our view, full civic participation is the only real answer to the mess we’re in.

PS You can participate by asking folks to join our email network or Facebook page or step up to do more. We’re here with arms, hearts and minds open anytime you’re ready.

PPS If you know of similar victories or efforts in your community, please post them in the comments section of this alert. We love hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “Victory Smells Sweet, But It Ain’t Over Yet!

  1. 1. How do those on the “water board” get placed on the “water board”?
    2. How do those on the appraisal district get placed on the appraisal district?

    No one that I know wants water from the Bastrop area to be moved to any other location, yet those in charge of such a decision are willing to give up water that is not theirs. Do they get “kick backs”? Are they outsiders? Are they just stupid?

    The new appraised values are a joke. Property that has not changed since the last appraisal is now worth much more than what it was worth. How do these people get their jobs?

    How do people not accountable to the voters get the authority to make decisions for the voters?

  2. Hi Kelly,

    The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District board is not elected, it is appointed. If it’s a new term, the County Judge (currently Judge Paul Pape) appoints. If it’s in-between terms (if someone vacates the seat in-between their term), the board fills that position for the remainder of the term.

    In terms of the appraisal districts, it’s a complicated process of appointment involving the taxing districts. The explanation starts on page three of this manual put out by the Comptroller. If you or someone else wants to tell us more about how this works in Bastrop County, feel free to pursue this. We’ve been thinking about doing a forum on taxation in Bastrop County:

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