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Reminder for you city of Bastrop Voters. Early voting in the historic Place 3 runoff for Bastrop City Council ended

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on Tuesday. Election Day is this Saturday. Here is why we support Lyle Nelson. It’s pretty simple. Lyle is clearly committed to transparency at City Hall, a prerequisite for good government.

Cedar Creek (Bastrop County) Another Dump? This message is also being sent to our pals in Caldwell County who have been fighting a dump in Lockhart.

As Austin’s affordability crisis has made Bastrop County the 6th fastest growing county in Texas, we see yet another plan to put a dump on the westside of Bastrop County in the Cedar Creek area where growth is headed. It’s a 47-acre facility – though a “transfer station” — proposed for an area close to the junction of Highway 812 and Highway 21 for garbage, rubbish, ashes, street cleanings, abandoned automobiles; dead animals, drugs, contaminated foods, empty containers which have been used for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or rodenticides; Class 2 industrial waste; and Class 3 industrial waste which includes rock, brick, glass, dirt, and certain plastics and rubber.

We don’t know yet what “transfer station” really means. Area residents are checking this out and getting in touch with County officials.

You can read the 75-page application right here.

A public meeting with TCEQ – Texas Commission for Environmental Quality – has already been called for by Sen. Kirk Watson. This meeting will happen sometime after the public comment period is over on July 31st.

Click here for the TCEQ notice and how to post a public comment
with the permit number 40291

If you want to work on this issue please contact us. We will assist you in every way we can.

Is it not yet clear to you that voters of all persuasions are going to have to work together to get things done? We vote for the person, not the party and we call ourselves small “i” independents!


5 thoughts on “Another dump in Cedar Creek? Vote for Lyle!

  1. Dear People,

    Having worked in solid waste management and recycling for over 30 years, I can tell you that a transfer station is not a ¨dump¨. If staffed and managed well, it is a convenient and legal alternative to illegal dumping for county residents who do not have residential collection service, or who have large, bulky items, construction or land clearing debris that can´t be collected by standard curbside or roadside collection vehicles. These material go directly into rolloff containers that go periodically to a landfill. Many transfer stations also offer recycling services. Ideally, it is funded through fees that everyone pays as part of utility bills or other fees. By showing proof of residence, citizens can use it for free, thereby eliminating the incentive for illegal dumping, which is a terrible problem in the Cedar Creek area and costs much more to clean up than to maintain a transfer station. We all generate trash of some kind, and it all must go somewhere. If we can´t live with transfer stations, we must live with roadside dumping. I´ve spent too much time cleaning up the road I live on, and I´ll take a transfer station any day.

  2. Thanks for this, Alan. It is good to hear from you and your perspective. One of the concerns we’ve been hearing is about traffic. We just found out that Rep. Cyrier has asked TXDOT for a traffic study.

    There may be concerns about it’s exact location also due to where the outcrop is for the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer, one of the most important aquifers in the state. We’ll see what we find out.

    Friends are gathering information from local officials. Then, we’ll help pull together a meeting for people who want to be more informed before TCEQ holds a public meeting. We are told this will happen because both Cyrier and Sen. Watson have asked for this meeting, as well as residents.

  3. There is great concern in the Cedar Creek area about this project. Among them are traffic (YES, bring on the traffic study!!), noise, dust, fumes, aroma, vermin and runoff. Since this is a business operation, it is reasonable to require that the business in question fund the aquifer/runoff study, if we can’t get TCEQ to do it.

    Comments posted by Alan Watts are welcome and to the point. However, citizens of Cedar Creek, and the County at large deserve this explanation from all “officials” concerned.

    There is an app called Next Door (Register as Wyldwood or Cedar Creek) where a discussion string is underway. The title is”Look Out!”

    David Moore, Cedar Creek

  4. Thank you Alan for bringing some realism to this debate. We all generate garbage and it must be disposed off somehow. If the City of Austin is willing to fund a “transfer station” I say great! That is one of the few necessary functions that our government should handle. With growth the trash situation will continue to grow and a transfer station is a great alternative to a full blown landfill. Also I am sick and tired on all these “studies” that we are constantly paying for. 812 and 21 is a major crossroad and a perfect place for such a facility and there are already lots of rules and regulations in place for this “transfer station” when it does happen. It’s common sense time folks.

    Pat Vardell
    Cedar Creek

  5. It’s TxDOT’s job to provide this information through traffic studies, otherwise, we would have even more fatalities than we do now. Public safety trumps public waste. Sorry!

    That said, the people who live in the area have a perfect right to raise their concerns, otherwise, you’d have some very terrible projects.

    Never forget the Trans-Texas Corridor that Texans put the stop to in 2007. It would have put a scar through Texas. See Truth Be Tolled.

    Most important, besides the fact that we need a full debate on projects that affect water and land resources, we need people and officials to start listening to each other. That’s just common sense that is so missing in the country today that it hurts.

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