Independent Texans Endorsements! Lee, Bastrop, Austin & oh San Antonio!

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Not a time to switch horses, vote for Lee County Judge Paul Fischer
This is not a time to switch horses in Lee County. Vote to reelect Lee County Judge Paul Fischer in the Republican primary.

Independent Texans endorsements focus on two county races (Lee and Bastrop) and on petition drives in Austin and San Antonio.  We rarely endorse in the primaries – we’re independents – so we’re staying out of the state and federal races.

We do have one County endorsement, Lee County’s stalwart protector of water and land resources, our friend Lee County Judge Paul Fischer. And, please note: This two-way race will be decided in the Republican primary. Read this and share away, y’all:

Independent Texans Endorses Lee County Judge Paul Fischer!

Though we make no endorsement in the Bastrop County Judge race, this two-way race will also be decided in the Republican primary only. Therefore, we urge Republican primary voters to read and share this your Republican primary friends!

What Bastrop Countians Should Know about County Judge Race!

Austin voters are signing petitions out the ying yang for the right to vote on CodeNEXT. That’s because CodeNEXT is a massive overhaul of the city’s land development code that favors speculative land developers at the very same time Austin is a serious affordability crisis. Filing deadline for this petition to IndyAustin is March 15, and to the city of Austin is March 30.

Read and share IndyAustin’s page on CodeNEXT!

Oh San Antonio! We are tickled pink to support the San Antonio First petition drives for City Manager pay reform, union v. management lawsuit reform and MOST IMPORTANT – petition reform for referendums! Petition reform would have allowed San Antonians, on numerous occasions, to challenge the Vista Ridge/San Antone hose boondoggle by triggering a public vote. Needless to say, the San Antonio “growth machine” – Chambers of Commerce and the like, are having a hissy-fit.

San Antonio First!

We can use some of your hard earned dollars for three newspaper ads we are running in Lee and Bastrop counties.

Go to our donate button above and have at it! And, of course, call us to volunteer at 512.535.0989.

Water Marketer, End Op
Yeehaw! Ride the growth machine and water grabbers high, y’all!

9 thoughts on “Independent Texans Endorsements! Lee, Bastrop, Austin & oh San Antonio!

  1. I find it hard you would not do your homework and find out the other candidates position before endorsing one candidate over the other. You didn’t make the decision in the Bastrop County Judge election?

  2. I find it hard to believe you would not do your homework and find out the other candidates position before endorsing one candidate over the other. You didn’t make the decision in the Bastrop County Judge election??

  3. We did, Robin. We have the unfortunate circumstance in which the current Judge has let us down on water — a key issue that we’re all about. The other has said nothing about it. So, yeah, it’s a non-endorsement. Sorry but that’s what we think. We are hoping you will take what we wrote about this into consideration as best you can. Thanks for asking. Linda Curtis

  4. Wondering what you actually know about the LC challenger! Probably not much. I’d challenge you to actually look into it (do your homework like Robin said) and then tell me why LC needs more of Mr. Fischer.

  5. I was referring to the Lee County Judges race. How could you endorse the current Judge over his more than qualified opponent. Changing “horses” midstream sounds exactly like what needs to happen to get the “horse” out of the stream and moving forward. Just my thoughts.

  6. Why do you think his opponent is “more qualified”? That might be a better way to go in this dialogue, as we have put out our feelings about Judge Fischer. He has been there all along the way in the most important fight over the future of Lee County — groundwater. All eyes along the I-35 growth corridor have been on Lee County’s water supply. Fischer has been there, which is much more than we an say about most of our local officials. Anyway, feel free to tout your candidate. We support freedom of speech! Linda

  7. I know that Mr. Morgan is a nice guy who has been supportive of some good things in Lee County. If you want to promote him, go ahead. Just know that we have gotten to know Judge Fischer and respect him and believe he is needed to complete the work to defend Lee County’s water. This issue is only heating up — read the piece we put out again. Mr. Morgan hasn’t been there to defend Lee County’s most important resource — for years that this has been going on — we just met him. Again, seems like a nice guy, but…in our judgement we need Judge Fischer.

  8. Well it seems that it may be my time to chime in. I have been in Lee County for over 37 years and have done a good job helping where help is needed. A duty of being County Judge is to protect the citizens rights, all of the citizens. If Judge Fischer is doing his job, then I have no reason to be at the meetings for he represents me and the rest of Lee County. Obviously, if elected I would continue to make the meetings and protect the rights of the landowners. Only difference is that I would approach it with a new energy and fresh ideas on how to deal with the problems. I appreciate the fact that you support Judge Fischer for doing his job, but know this, I will work just as hard and perhaps, one day, you will come to know me as well. And thank you for the compliment of being a nice guy, I am, unless the situation requires me to be otherwise. Thank you..

  9. Thanks for chiming in, Mr. Morgan.

    Just a small bone to pick here. It is not just the County Judge’s job to safeguard groundwater. We would argue that this is everyone’s job. The County does not own it — it is owned by landowners. All residents, whether they own land or not, need to step up or the next generation (and the land itself) will suffer the consequences of our poor stewardship.

    Best wishes, Linda Curtis

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