Dirty Pool in the CD-27

Dirty Pool in the CD-27 Race
Ride em high — those politicians playing dirty pool in the CD-27

We think the dirty pool in CD 27’s Republican runoff primary deserves voter scrutiny. So, hold your horses in this recently vacated seat by Blake Farenthold.  Read this!

And, please do weigh in on the Farm Bill, as requested by our pals at the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance. More…

Action Please!

  • Early voting for the primary runoffs started on Monday and goes through Friday, May 18th. Election Day is Tuesday, May 22. Think before you vote, and
  • Please call your US House Member about the critically important Farm Bill. If you think you’re independent, how about your ability to purchase and grow food in Texas. Details here.

About Dirty Pool in the CD-27:

Surely you have already heard that CD-27 was recently vacated by the discredited Blake Farenthold. Sure enough there was a genuine sex scandal that led to this open seat.

Independent Texans, founded in 2001 as a general purpose PAC for state and local elections, rarely endorses in primary races and has never endorsed in a Congressional race and won’t now. However, we urge you to carefully consider who you vote for in the Republican runoff race between former Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) Chair, Bech Bruun, and longtime Republican activist, Michael Cloud. Bruun has Rick Perry’s endorsement. Cloud has Ron Paul’s endorsement.

Congressional District 27 has much of Ron Paul’s former Congressional district in it. The District includes part or all of these counties: Aransas, Bastrop, Caldwell, Calhoun, Gonzales, Jackson, Lavaca, Matagorda, Nueces, Refugio, San Patricio, Victoria and Wharton.

On April 13, Bruun’s general campaign consultant is quoted in a Corpus Christi Caller-Times article taking a pot shot at Michael Cloud. It was an obviously false accusation in an attempt to tie Cloud to sexual misconduct. A vendor Cloud had employed had employed someone who is accused of sexual crimes. It is apparent that Cloud couldn’t have known about this. This tells us this race is very tight. Moreover, it tells us that Bruun will do and say whatever it takes to win:

Read the Caller-Times piece here. Decide for yourself.

There’s more to know about Bruun from our direct experience.

You might recall the dust up with an open meetings violation allegation against the Texas Water Development Board in January 2017. To get in the door of this event — sponsored by the TWDB, a state agency mind you — you had to pony up over $500!

Bruun was then chair of the Texas Water Development Board and presided over the entire event.

This January 2017 press release from the non-profit, non-partisan League of Independent Voters raised the potential violations of the Texas open meetings laws. The TWDB backed down last minute, too late for a truly open event. However, Linda Curtis (myself) was able attend the event but was warned not to eat the fancy food. No joke. I will go on record again by stating:

Though policy was certainly discussed, it seemed apparent to me that the primary purpose of this event was to connect businesses seeking government contracts in water development with state and local government officials – a Texas water lobby schmoozefest at its finest!

You can check out Michael Cloud’s website here.

Note: IF you previously voted in the Republican primary or did not vote in either party primary at all, you are eligible to go vote in the Republican runoff now if you live in CD-27.

Spread the word. Voters shouldn’t put up with dirty pool much less dirty water deals. And don’t forget that phone call to your US Representative.

P.S. You might read this Saturday commentary in the Bastrop Advertiser/Statesman on why I miss the former mayor who I tried to recall, seriously!


4 thoughts on “Dirty Pool in the CD-27

  1. All of the pre-election mail Negativity backfired in my family. So much high dollar mailings against Bech Bruun made him an instant underdog. We had decided long before we voted to go for him.

    Please take the Indy out of your organization… it ain’t any more. Try Partisan.
    We will consider your future observations with more skepticism.

  2. You should read the editorial comment on line of Victoria Advocate which discusses the small city of Placedo’s drinking water problems. There are two such articles on the Editorial page. They spoke of the TWCB loan program but did not expose the Jan 2017 board minutes which reports how the board under the oversight of Bruun waived rules to the disadvantage program to allow cities like Grand Prairie to have principals forgiven on loans. I wrote a comment about this which the paper has ignored. A few lines of comment about this attempt to circumvent the open meetings act might force them to do more research on Bruun. Bruun likes to brag on his “experience” in government. So far they let him get by with no scruitiny. Same situation with the Corpus Christi newspaper. They endorsed him.

  3. Sorry, Mr. Nogues, but it was the Bruun campaign that inserted “negativity” — actually a scurrilous attack on Cloud that brought us into this. To make an obvious assertion, using a trumped up “sex” scandal, is inexcusable especially in CD-27. That’s how we see it, anyway. Bruun’s decided money advantage is something for voters to really take into consideration too.

    Independents deserve a voice in the electoral process that is controlled by both parties in Texas. That’s our key focus along with property and water rights — the right not to have it grabbed and spoiled, that is.

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