Slide Show about the right to petition in Texas to take back our townsWhat’s an independent?

Independent voters vote for the person, not the party. We like to shop the ballot. Our views are not driven by a set of beliefs or ideology. Therefore, we independent voters do not fit into one political party.

Most of all, independent voters want electoral competition. There are far too many races in Texas with no one running, or very few. For lots more on this subject be sure to visit Texans for Voter Choice.

What is Independent Texans?

Independent Texans PAC is a general purpose political action committee registered with the state of Texas since 2001. We are unbossed and unbought (in the words of Shirley Chisholm) by the parties and their special interest backers. Independent Texans  is dedicated to providing a place for Texans to self-organize and to create solutions that depart from partisanship, ideology and the general axe grinding that has turned millions of voters away from political participation.

What do we do.
Independent Texans supports or opposes ballot and bond measures and candidates running on any party line or as small “i” unaffiliated independents.

We are very focused on local independent organizing. The best way we know how is through the municipal petition process — a process put in place in 1912 through the Home Rule Amendment to the Texas constitution. Click on the picture above to watch our Petition Rights Slide Show.

Our Legal Status.
Independent Texans files reports donors and expenditures that you can find online at the Texas Ethics Commission and we support full disclosure of campaign contributions.

What We Have Done, What We Stand For:

Check out Political Reform & Fiscal Reform to learn about our issues and concerns.

Read our 2010 paper Who Will Organize the Independents” for some history of the Texas independent movement.

Our analysis of the 2006 gubernatorial election, “Divided We Stood“, with two independents (Carole Keeton Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman) on the ballot.

Wanna help the independent movement grow?  Send us an email here or just give us at call at 512-535-0989 and be sure to visit all the links on this page.

Thank you for wanting to know about us!


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